Saturday, April 30, 2016


In Decisive California Primary, Ted Cruz Is in Control

Trump Models For Open Borders

Ted Cruz Indiana Town Hall with Sean Hannity (Full video 04-29-16)

Mark Levin: Boehner's Just An Ugly Drunk (Full audio 04-28-16)

Gov. Mike Pence on his Supporting of Ted Cruz (Full interview 04-29-16)

Ted Cruz on the Hugh Hewitt Show (Full interview 04-29-16)

Ted Cruz Talks to Press (Full video 04-29-16)

Mike Pence | Cruz for President Radio Ad (Full audio 04-29-16)

Sen. Mike Lee: Carly Fiorina will help Cruz win (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-28-16)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Art Of Delegate Deal Eludes Trump

A Trump-First Foreign Policy

Cruz-Kasich Alliance: Desperation or Clever

Ted Cruz on the Kelly File (Full interview 04-28-16)

Mike Lee talks Ted Cruz and Rips into John Boehner on the Mark Levin Show (Full interview 04-28-16)

Ted Cruz on Tony Katz and the Morning News (Full interview 04-28-16)

Ted Cruz Responds To John Boehner FULL Press Conference With Carly Fiorina In Ft Wayne, IN (Full Video 04-28-16)

Ted Cruz rally in Fort Wayne (Full interview/Video 04-28-16)

Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz is a real conservative (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 04-28-16)

On The Road with Carly Fiorina ('On the Record' Video 04-28-16)

On The Trail With Cruz Supporters in Indiana ('On the Record' Video 04-28-16)

Carly Fiorina: Ted Cruz is a real conservative (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 04-28-16)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ted Cruz Needs Indiana to Be Like Wisconsin

Ted Cruz Names Carly Fiorina As His Running Mate As He Gears Up For Indiana Primary

GOP Convention: Trump’s inability to Connect with Local Leaders may come back to Haunt Him.

Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Indianapolis with VP announcement (Full video 04-27-16)

Carly Fiorina on the Mark Levin Show (Full interview 04-27-16)

Carly Fiorina speaks out on joining Cruz ticket (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 04-27-16)

Rick Perry on Cruz's chances: Game's not over yet (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 04-27-16)

Rep. Mark Meadows on how Fiorina could change Cruz's momentum (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-27-16)

Ted Cruz Indiana Presser (Full video 04-27-16)

Carly Fiorina with Hallie Jackson (Full MSNBC interview 04-27-16)

Newsmax Prime | Sam Nunberg discusses Ted Cruz's pick of Carly Fiorina as his VP (Full video 04-27-16)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Losing Unbound Delegate Race to Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz rips Donald Trump on Carrier Jobs, Mexico (includes auto-on video)

Why Trump Thinks He Shouldn’t Have to Testify in University Lawsuit

Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Knightstown, Indiana (Full video 04-26-16)

Ted Cruz on the Glenn Beck Program (Full interview 04-26-16)

Ted Cruz on the Chris Stigall Show (Full interview 04-26-16)

Ted Cruz on Tony Katz and the Morning News (Full interview 04-26-16)

Ted Cruz on the Garrison Show (Full interview 04-26-16)

Cruz camp: Until Trump is over 1,236 delegates, it's GAME ON (Full interview/video 04-26-16)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trump’s Emptiest Threat

In College Roommate David Panton, Ted Cruz Finds Unwavering Support

Does Your Vote Count? A Look into the Electoral College

TED CRUZ full Interview with Sean Hannity (video 04-25-16)

Ted Cruz Indiana Press Conference (Full interview/video 04-25-16)

Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Franklin, Indiana (video 04-25-16)

Ron Nehring discusses details of 'strategic' move with Kasich (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 04-25-16)

Steve Lonegan: Cruz, Trump, Kasich campaigns debate 'collusion' allegations (Full interview with Gretchen Carlson 04-25-16)

Watch Trump Shill Bill O'Reilly Cringe When Carl Rove Doesn't Play along with His Analysis (Full interview/video 04-25-16)

Rick Santorum discusses election process (Full interview 'On The Record' 04-25-16)

Monday, April 25, 2016

WSJ Weekend Interview: Ted Cruz

Let’s Get This Straight About the Convention

Trump’s More Accepting Views on Gay Issues Set Him Apart in G.O.P.

Ted Cruz Town Hall on Fox News in Philadelphia (Full video 04-24-16)

Ted Cruz Rally in Evansville, IN (Full video 04-24-16)

Ted Cruz One-on-one with Dan Spehler of FOX59 Indianapolis (Full interview 04-21-16)

Cal Thomas: Ted Cruz is Right on Transgender Bathroom Issue (Full interview Fox News 04-24-16)

Ron Nehring talks Ted Cruz and the upcoming Primaries (Full interview on MSNBC 04-24-16)

Reince Priebus on RNC Spring Meeting, GOP Convention (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' (Full interview 04-24-16)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ted Cruz: Trump ‘Is Blatantly Lying to You and Laughing About It’

The Gift Of Trump’s Ramshackle Campaign

Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton Rake In Donations

Terror Victims’ Winnings Dwarfed By Tehran’s

Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Monroeville, PA (Full video 04-23-16)

5 New Ted Cruz Ads (5 videos 04-22-16)

Bob Vander Plaats on Ted Cruz Chances in Indiana (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-23-16)

Tom Delay on Ted Cruz: O'Reilly and Gingrich are Going to have Egg On Their Face (Full interview on Fox News 04-22-16)

Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) weighs in on Delegate Process (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-23-16)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Donald Trump Is Not A Conservative

Delegate Rules Aren't 'Rigged' Just Because Trump Doesn't Like Them

Stop Whining, And Play By The Rules

OBAMAgration: Young ILLEGALS Are Being Placed With Adult ILLEGALS Here In The U.S.

Ted Cruz on The Dana Show (Full interview 04-22-16)

Donald has Told us Repeatedly that He is Lying to Us | Ted Cruz on the Dom Giordano Program (interview 04-22-16)

Ted Cruz Rally 2 in Pennsylvania (video 04-22-16)

Ted Cruz interview with Frederick News-Post reporter Danielle Gaines (Full interview 04-21-16)

TED CRUZ RALLY IN SCRANTON PA (Full video 04-22-16)

Donald Trump and his aides admit that it’s all an act at Closed-Door RNC Meeting (Full audio 04-21-16)

Club For Growth: Pro-Cruz Ad Playing in Indiana (video 04-22-16)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Battle for the Massachusetts GOP Convention Delegates Intensifies

Trump’s Bully Pulpit

Donald Trump has only One Path to the GOP Nomination. And he has Himself to Blame for it

Obama Ignored RefuJIHAD Worries, Welcomes Muslim Migrants

Ted Cruz Speaks at the GOP's Spring Dinner in Indianapolis, IN (Full video 04-21-16)

Ted Cruz Rally at the Weinburg Center In Frederick, MD (Full video 04-21-16)

Ted Cruz talks Trump's Looney Toons PC on The Mark Levin Show! (Full audio 04-21-16)

Ted Cruz talks about the Lunacy of PC on the Glenn Beck Program (Full interview 04-21-16)

Ron Nehring: Cruz campaign preparing for convention battle with Trump (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 04-21-16)

Trump is Alienating Conservatives (Fox News video 04-21-16)

Ted Cruz 'War Room' Ad (video 04-21-16)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cruz Forces out-hustle Trump in the State of Washington

Why Donald Trump Is Fast Losing the Delegate Game

Ted Cruz NAILS IT: Answers Gay Marriage Question; Liberals Speechless

Will President Obama Regulate Guns Out Of Existence?

Ted Cruz Rally in Hershey, PA (Full video 04-20-16)

Ted Cruz on the Chris Stigall Show (Full interview 04-20-16)

Mark Levin on Trump's New York Win: Compare and Contrast! (Full audio 04-20-16)

Ted Cruz Presser in Hollywood, Florida (video 04-20-16)

Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI) On Cruz's chances in the rest of the Primaries (Full Fox News interview 04-20-16)

Carly Fiorina slams 'typical whining' from Trump campaign (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-19-16)

Reince Priebus Explains "Majority" (Full interview 'On the Record' 04-20-16)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Donald Trump’s Rigged Media

Ted Cruz’s Conservatism: The Pendulum Swings Consistently Right

Why I voted for Ted Cruz in the New York Republican primary

Islamists At Border: Obama’s Cuban Missile Crisis

Ted Cruz Primary Night Party from Philadelphia, PA (Full video 04-19-16)

Ted Cruz FULL HEATED Interview On "The Sean Hannity Show" (Full audio 04-19-16)

Backstage with Ted Cruz after our GMA Town Hall (Full interview 04-18-16)

Carly Fiorina: Trump will have to win the nomination fair and square (Full interview on Fox Business 04-19-16)

Heidi Cruz: Politics to Ted is about getting things done for others (Full interview on Fox Business 04-19-16)

Rep. Lee Zeldin: Sen. Cruz has been rock-solid on his Israel policy (Full interview on Fox Business 04-19-16)

Trump Self-Funding, Not So Much: $9.5 million donated to Trump campaign (Full interview Fox News 04-19-16)

Ted Cruz FULL HEATED Interview On "The Sean Hannity Show" (Full audio 04-19-16)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Campaign Lies Require A Gullible Public To Believe Them

Ted Cruz Supporters Dominate NC’s GOP Delegate Selection So Far

Supreme Court Justices Appear Split on Immigration Case

It's All Your Money: U.S. Aiding Business Start-Ups -- For ILLEGALS

Ted Cruz FULL 'Good Morning America' Town Hall (Full video 04-18-16)

Mark Levin Confusing Trump Whiners with Facts...Again! (Full video 04-18-16)

Ted Cruz Holds Campaign Rally in Towson, MD (Full video 04-18-16)

Ted Cruz interview with Bill O'Reilly (Full video 04-18-16)

Ken Cuccinelli on the GOP delegate battle (Full interview on Fox Business 04-18-16)

Trump and Cruz campaigns discuss the race for the GOP presidential nomination (Full Fox Business video 04-18-16)

John Sununu 0n Convention Rules: It's Up To The RNC Rules Committee. Not Good For Trump. (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 04-18-16)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Don’t underestimate Ted Cruz

Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Everything Is Rigged’ Talk Is So Alarming

Cruz Outmaneuvering Trump in Battle for Rubio Delegates

Beware The Legal Plunder Of Your Paycheck

Ted Cruz speaks at Driver's Village in Cicero, NY (Amateur video 04-15-16)

Ken Cuccinelli: Trump Campaign Using 'Gestapo' Tactics, Threats (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' 04-17-16)

RNC chairman Reince Priebus on Trump attacks: “I don’t take it personally” (Full interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' 04-17-16)

Sean Spicer: Further Insight into GOP Nomination Process (Full interview with Maria Bartiromo 04-17-16)

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus On NBC's 'Meet The Press' (Full interview 04-17-16)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Is Donald Trump Showing The Early Signs Of DEMENTIA?

Whining Donald Trump Failed to Learn the Rules of the Political Game

Thomas Sowell Op-ed: Presidential Primaries And The ‘Voice Of The People’ Fallacy

U.S. Stationing Warplanes in Philippines Amid South China Sea Tensions

TED CRUZ FULL INTERVIEW on Bloomberg TV's 'ALL DUE RESPECT' (Full interview 04-15-16)

Ted Cruz at the 2016 Wyoming Republican Convention w/intro by Lynne Cheney (Full video 04-16-16)

Ted Cruz stumps at a Rally at MCC in Brighton, NY (Full video 04-16-16)

Ted Cruz NY Anti-Trump Ad: 'GREAT' (video 04-16-16)

Chad Sweet: We never complained in states where Trump won (Full interview on Fox News 04-16-16)

Why has Ted Cruz seen more delegate selection success? (Full Fox News video 04-16-16)

K.T. McFarland: Evaluating Republican candidates' foreign policy proposals (Full interview on Fox News 04-16-16)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ted Cruz's Long-Term Delegate Strategy is Paying Off

Delegate Fight Starts In Pennsylvania

Cruz likely to Block Trump on a Second Ballot at the GOP Convention

Syrian Refugees Admitted to US Since Paris Attack: 1,070 Muslims; ONLY 4 ARE CHRISTIANS


TED CRUZ: FULL MSNBC GOP TOWN HALL (Full event 04-14-16)

Ted Cruz on CNBC's Squawkbox (Full interview 04-15-16)

TED CRUZ With Jimmy Fallon (Full interview & Trump Phone Call 04-14-16)

Ted Cruz Addresses Media in Binghamton, NY (Full video 04-15-16)

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Cruz Campaign Shows Us the Tea Party Still Counts

Trump’s Delegate Whine

Trump University Staff Detail How School Changed Course

CDC Warns: Zika Virus 'Scarier than we initially thought'

Ted Cruz Speaks At New York State Republican Gala (Full Speech 04-14-16)

Colorado Sen Cory Gardner to Trump: Elections won by those who show up (Full interview 'On the Record' 04-14-16)

Larry Sabato on Cruz chances of winning the GOP nomination on second ballot? (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-14-16)

Clint Howard: Cruz knows politics, not sure Trump does (Full interview with Maria Bartiromo 04-13-16)

Murray Energy CEO: Cruz is best candidate for coal industry (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-14-16)

Ben Stein: Donald Trump is a big sulking baby (Full video 04-13-16)

Is Trump smart to bash the delegate system? (Fox Business video 04-13-16)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Delegate-Selection Fight Plays to Ted Cruz’s Strength

Ted Cruz sweeps through Southern California

Deaths From Islamic Terror Soar 9-Fold On Obama’s Watch

GAO: Personal Data At Risk In ObamaCare Exchanges

TED CRUZ: FULL CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall (Full Event 04-13-16)

Ted Cruz Rally in Erie, PA (Full video 04-13-16)

Ron Nehring interview on MSNBC (Full video 04-13-16)

Bob Vander Plaats on being confused by Trump as one of his endorsements (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 04-13-16)

Giuliani, Perry Debate the Republican Delegate Game (Full interview with Sean Hannity 04-12-16)

Guy Benson: Cruz v. Trump on Colorado (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 04-13-16)

Alan Dershowitz on teaching Ted Cruz at Harvard Law School (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 04-12-16)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Donald Trump says 'America First' like isolationists before World War II

Inside Donald Trump’s Potemkin Twitter Army

Michelle Obama hosts Iranian New Year’s Feast

Two ILLEGALS Charged With Kidnapping, Raping A 12-Year-Old Girl

Ted Cruz on the Glenn Beck Program (Full interview 04-12-16)

Ted Cruz Rally in San Diego, CA (Full video 04-11-16)

Heidi Cruz one-on-one with Megyn Kelly (Full interview 04-12-16)

Simple Flat Tax | Cruz for President (Full video 04-12-16)

More on Ted Cruz Outmaneuvering Trump (Full Fox News video 04-12-16)

Larry Sabato on Colorado and GOP Primary Rules (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 04-12-16)

Brit Hume on the Current GOP Primary Race (Full interview with Btit Hume 04-12-16)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Donald Trump’s sloppy voter outreach extends even to his own children

Trump’s getting trounced in Indiana and the state hasn't even voted yet

Ted’s Flat Tax Could Pave Path to Victory

Ted Cruz on the DeMaio Report (Full interview 04-11-16)

Ted Cruz on the Radio in Mission Valley Pre-Rally (Full interview 04-11-16)

Ted Cruz interview with Mike Slater of KFMB Radio (Full audio 10-11-16)

Rush Limbaugh says Cruz Isn't Cheating He's Winning (Full audio 04-11-16)

Ted Cruz on the John and Ken Show (Full interview 04-11-16)

Reince Priebus on Primary Process: Every Campaign was aware of and Supplied with Rules for Each State (Full interview 'On The Record' 04-11-16)

More of Trump's Disorganized Whining (Fox News video 04-11-16)