Saturday, April 2, 2016

'We will abolish the IRS': Ted Cruz wins crowd in Camp Hill, PA

Mark Pynes
Even Donald Trump couldn't call this one low energy.
If someone walked into the grand ballroom of the Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill on Friday afternoon, they might have thought Sen. Ted Cruz just won the presidency.
According to polls, the Texas Tea Party senator is trailing third in Pennsylvania among Republican candidates, but voters reacted to his words like they were part of a victory speech.
Mark Pynes
They're hoping he can repeat results from the 2012 Senate election when Cruz won against long odds.
The senator was also quick to point out that he has defeated frontrunner Donald Trump in 10 states.
That line got applause, as did many others, and brought some voters to their feet. It was, indeed, the Cruz crowd that Kasich couldn't win over earlier in the day.
Mark Pynes
This election, Cruz said is about three things: jobs, freedom and security.
On the former, the senator is reaching out to blue-collar workers, the laborers with "calluses on their hands."
A Cruz presidency would help those workers and their employers, he said.
Mark Pynes
"If you want to unleash the economy, you take the boot off the backs of the necks of small businesses," Cruz said.
And then chanting a familiar refrain, he said, "When I'm president, we will repeal every word of Obamacare."
The more intense the rhetoric, the louder the applause.
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cimbri said...

Okay, now that is the only original idea not stolen from Trump. Granted it won't happen but kudos for his own idea.