Friday, January 21, 2022

House GOP Probes Historically Low ICE Arrests After Biden Policy Changes; ICE COLD: Immigration Arrests Hit Historic Lows, Biden Admin Slowly Dismantling ICE

So It’s OK To Question Election Legitimacy Now As Long As You’re Not Trump?; Biden’s Attack On Voting Rights Far Surpasses Trump’s Election Claims

Navalny: U.S. Reacting to Putin Like a ‘Frightened Schoolboy’; Biden Gives Up on Stopping Putin in Ukraine: ‘He Will Move In, He Has to Do Something’; Ukraine Warns Europe War with Russia will Create Massive Refugee Crisis

Year Two of The Administration From Hell: But Will It End Well In November?

Here's What Your Fellow Americans Think Should Happen To The Unvaccinated; Poll Finds Close To Half Of Democratic Voters Want COVID Internment Camps For The Unvaxx'd, and other C-Virus related stories

Thursday, January 20, 2022

HE'S A LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND: Biden Says He Exceeded Expectations in first Year, Vows to Stay the Course; Poll: 60% Deem Joe Biden’s First Year in Office ‘Unsuccessful’; Poll: Job approval 33%; Poll: Economic Ratings Worse Than Jimmy Carter’s In 1977

"We've Got A Gun At Every Door In The House": Border Rancher Sees 2,400% Increase In Illegal Aliens On Property

Dangers of Human Smuggling and Biden's Border Policy; Human Smugglers Earn $1B from U.S.-Mexico Border in December 2021, and related stories

Biden’s A Dud Man Walking: According to the election calendar, Joe Biden has three years remaining in his term. According to political reality, his presidency is over, kaput, finished.

NPR Lied: Sonia Sotomayor Hit by the Fake News Truck; Report Contradicts NPR’s Nina Totenberg: Justice Gorsuch Not Defying Roberts, No Mask Mandate for SCOTUS, and other C-Virus related stories

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants to Send Influx of Illegal Immigrants to Biden’s Delaware; Pennsylvania State GOP proposes bill to divert 'secret' migrant flights to Biden's home state of Delaware, and related stories

Rep. Mo Brooks Introduces Measure Allowing Officials to End Settlement of Illegal Aliens in Their States; Brooks Introduces Bill Allowing State, Local Elected Officials to Deny Illegal Alien Resettlement

Two More House Dems Announce They Won’t Seek Reelection at Midterms; McNerney and Langevin Retirements Mark 27th and 28th Dems Leaving House; GOP Could Win Its Biggest Congressional Majority Since the Depression, and related stories

The Jan. 6 Investigation We Need Is Into The Unlawful Military Occupation Of D.C. - The illegal use of extraterritorial National Guard soldiers and airmen as a domestic police force against our citizens must have the founders rolling over in their graves.

Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic; Financial Disclosure Shows $10.4M in Investments; Portfolio Includes Chinese Companies; Here's The Evidence That Fauci Covered Up COVID Lab Leak Origins, and other C-Virus related stories