Tuesday, July 29, 2014

You Won't See This Covered by the Liberal Media: In Massachusetts, around 10.000 Protested Gov Patrick's Plan to Warehouse Young Illegals in the State

The White House is Delaying at least $34 Billion in Regulations until After Midterm Elections

Barack Obama: The News or Not the News, That is the Question

Op-ed: MH-17 ... searching for the truth

Sen John Cornyn: House to Pass 'Skinnied Down' Bill to Aid Border Crisis

Retired Military Dogs deserve a New Leash on Life

Iowa County’s Voter Rolls filled with Deceased Residents

Mike Huckabee speaks on the 'Kelly File about Putin and the 1987 Missile Treaty

Monday, July 28, 2014

ObamaLOGIC: Lets Grant People Refugee Status BEFORE They Even Get Here

Get the Red Phone Ready: The Russians may be Heading Back to Cuba

You Can't Make This Crap Up: China wants Greater Access to our Aircraft Carriers ..

Op-ed: The truth about the Palestinian myth

Is there any Technology now or on the Horizon that can Protect Commercial Airlines from Missile Attacks?

Paul Ryan interview on 'Meet the Press' (Full interview 07-27-14)

Benjamin Netanyahu interview on 'Meet the Press' (Full interview 07-27-14)