Thursday, September 23, 2021

NEWS FROM THE FRONT: Border Arrests in 2021 Greater Than 10 states' Populations, But Mayorkas Says it is 'secure'; Says It's ‘no less secure’ Than It Was Under Trump

In Texas Camp, GOP Sees INVASION While Democrats See Mistreatment of Haitian Migrants (ILLEGALS); Border Patrol Union Leader Slams White House and Media for Claims of 'whipping' Migrants, and related stories

Senate Parliamentarian Crushes Democrat Amnesty for Illegal Aliens; Dems Can't Include Amnesty in Reconciliation Bill, Parliamentarian Rules; Leftests Rage After Senate Parliamentarian Blocks Pathway to Citizenship, and related stories

123 Texas Landowners Agree to State Building Border Fence on Their Property; Texas to Award Border Wall Contract as Early as This Week

We Will Regret Masking Kids; Former FDA Commissioner: Six Foot Social Distancing Rule Was ‘Arbitrary … Nobody Knows Where It Came From’, and other C-Virus related stories

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Asks Biden to Declare a State of Emergency Over Border Chaos; as Half of All US Governors Send Biden a Letter Demanding He 'Take Action to Protect America', and related stories

DHS Is Releasing Many Haitians from Del Rio Landing-DHS Tells Haitians: Bring Children to Cross Border; BARF BAG ALERT: Omar: ‘We Owe Haitians’ Asylum — ‘Obviously Systemic Racism at Play’

Officials Discover Major Felons Among Refugees Vetted by Biden Admin and Brought to US; Second Major Felon Found on Afghan Evacuation Flight

12 Steps to Becoming an Anti-Racist: It's About Much More Than Just Slithering Around in Toxic Victimhood

Foreigners Entering The U.S. Must Prove Vaccination, Except Illegal Aliens; 'Rules Are for the Little People:' Hollywood Elites Shredded for Partying Maskless at Emmys, and other C-Virus related stories

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Biden’s Growing Border Catastrophe; John Kennedy: Trusting Biden Admin with Immigration Is Like ‘Trusting Harvey Weinstein with your Daughter’; Thousands of Illegal Aliens Overrun Border Checkpoints Overwhelming Border Patrol, and related stories

Haitians on Texas Border Undeterred by US Plan to Expel Them; Border Crisis Continues Despite Deportation Flights; Biden’s Confused Immigration Strategy Is ‘We Welcome You’ and ‘No, Don’t Come’, and related stories

Team Biden Empowering the Taliban; Biden Has Made the World’s Deadliest Terrorists Great Again, and related stories

NEW POLLS: Biden Actually the Divider-In-Chief, Not ‘uniter,’; Lowest Approval of Presidency for Joe Biden; Biden’s Polling Average Under Water; Only 49% Think Joe Biden Is Mentally Stable Enough to Be President, and related stories

FDA Panel Overwhelmingly Rejects Biden’s Booster Shot Plan For All Americans; US Panel Backs COVID-19 Boosters ONLY for Seniors, High-Risk, and other C-Virus related stories