Saturday, April 25, 2015

Polls Show GOP Should Embrace Tight Immigration Controls

Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz op-ed: Putting Congress in Charge on Trade

Turkey Breaks From The West on Defense

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling Curbs Drug-Sniffing Dogs During Traffic Stops

Poland to Buy U.S. Missile Shield, European Helicopters

Hillary Clinton's Accent Has Changed Vastly Over the Years (Kelly File Video 04-24-15)

Pay to Play in Haiti? Bret Baier Sits Down With 'Clinton Cash' Author (Fox News Video 04-24-15)

Friday, April 24, 2015


Why I Am A Nationalist

Obama's Iran Deal: Exactly Where They Want Us

Hillary Clinton Must Answer For Libya

Op-ed: Two Lies That Will Come Back To Haunt

Democrats Embrace Terror Suspects On Hill During 'Muslim Advocacy Day'

Multi-Million Dollar Smuggling Trade Fuels Deadly Migration Across Mediterranean

U.S. Army Starts to Train Ukraine Units