Monday, March 1, 2021

CPAC 2021: Trump Revamps MAGA Movement to Fight Biden Agenda; Trump Eviscerates Biden's Record in Blistering CPAC Speech; Hints 2024 Run, and other related stories/video

'Nothing good happens after midnight': DC Reacts to $1.9 trillion Coronavirus Spending Bill; House Narrowly Passes Massive COVID-Response Bill, Including $15 Minimum Wage, and related stories

House Democrats Push for Largest Court Expansion in Three Decades; Ted Cruz Introduces Measures to Prevent Expansion of Supreme Court

Mark Zuckerberg Worked to Free Criminals in Oklahoma. A Monster Freed Early Ate a Woman's Heart and Killed a 4-Year-Old Girl

Coming Soon: 'Vaccination Passports'; One Year Later Our Answer To Lockdowns Must Be ‘Never Again’, and other C-Virus Updates

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Trump Reigns Supreme At 'TPAC'; CPAC Crowd Cives Ted Cruz Standing Ovation After He Tells Them Trump 'ain't going anywhere', and other Trump News

Democrats Ask Biden To Surrender Keys On Nuclear Launches; Dozens of House Democrats Request Biden Hand Over Nuclear Codes, and related stories

Remember These Names: Three House Republicans Join Dems in Voting to Gut Religious Freedom; 5 Things You Need To Know About The Extremist ‘Equality Act’ House Democrats Just Passed, and related stories

Democrats Turn the Thumbscrews to Make Us Suffer: Tormenting Us With Our Perpetual Imaginary Sins. and related stories

Biden: Illegal Immigrants Should Be Able to Get Vaccine without Fear of ICE; House Dems Added $40M to $100M ‘Pelosi subway’ Pork in COVID Bill, and other C-Virus Updates

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Donald Trump Still the Leader of the Republican Party; Mitt Romney: Trump Would Win 2024 GOP Nomination 'in a landslide', and related stories

Homeland Security Plans to Gut Immigration Enforcement Arm; Forget Abolishing ICE, Biden Admin May Have Found Key to Destroying It from the Inside, and related stories

Republicans must block Biden's COVID-19 stimulus package; Biden’s COVID-19 Bill Would Squander Hundreds of Billions on Bailouts of Pension Funds, Blue States

Supreme Court’s Decision Not to Hear Elections Cases Could Have Serious Repercussions; Clarence Thomas Savages Justices, Feckless John Roberts for Refusing PA Election Cases, and related stories

COVID Aid Bill Is a Complete Slap in the Face to Americans as Federal Workers Get Massive Sum of Money; Eviction Moratorium Unconstitutional, Judge Rules, and other C-Virus Updates