Saturday, August 29, 2015

Donald Trump, Eminent-Domain Abuser

Politics May Be Behind Military's Skewing Islamic State Intelligence

Marco Rubio op-ed: How My Presidency Would Deal With China

On Gauging the Pursuit of Happiness

Ted Cruz speaks at Jeff Duncan BBQ in SC (Full amateur video 08-24-15)

Ben Carson speaks at Seneca Family Restaurant in Seneca, SC (Full Video 08-24-15)

Carly Fiorina calls out CNN debate criteria, Clinton's extremism (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 08-28-15)

Mike Huckabee slams Hillary for comparing GOP to terrorists (Full interview with Sean Hannity 08-28-15)

Scott Walker Talks Foreign Policy & Border Security With Mark Levin (Full interview 07-27-15)

Rand Paul at Rally in Spokane, WA (Full speech 08-26-15)

Rudy Giuliani slams politicians for exploiting Virginia tragedy (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 08-28-15)