Sunday, April 2, 2023

Cartel Violence Rages in Mexican Border State Amid Shootouts, Threats; GOP Erupts After Americans Missing in Mexico: 'Cartels couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime than' Biden; Cartels Recruit American Gangs in Smuggling Efforts

Reznikov Says Kyiv’s Spring Counteroffensive Planned in Several Areas; Zelensky: Ukraine Must Hold Bakhmut or Russia Will ‘smell that we are weak’; Total of 321 Heavy Tanks Promised to Ukraine; RU's Wagner Chief Says Battle for Bakhmut Has Damaged His Force, LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Supreme Court Skeptical of Man Who Offered Adult Adoptions; Gorsuch Leads Supreme Court's Skeptics Over 'adult adoption' Immigration Scheme

Up to 80 Percent of Workers Could See Jobs Impacted by AI; Brace Yourself: These 10 Jobs are at Risk of Being Replaced by AI in the Near Future, and related stories

Vaccines Don’t Work, Masks Won’t work: Everything Government Told Us About COVID-19 Was Wrong; How COVID Lockdowns Primed The Current Financial Crisis, and other C-Virus related stories

Saturday, April 1, 2023

U.S. Starts Flying Migrants Caught Crossing Canadian Border South to Texas; U.S. Flies Migrants Caught at Canada Border to Texas in Deterrence Effort; U.S. Authorities Transferring Migrants Entering Through Canada to El Paso Sector

Ukraine Holds Back on Southern Counteroffensive; Ukraine Says Bakhmut Tactics Will Give It Advantages Elsewhere; Ukraine Aims to Exhaust Russian Troops in Bakhmut; Can Ukraine Maintain and Optimally Use Its Modern Western Tanks? - LIVE UPDATES and MORE

White House Economic Plan Puts Migrants Ahead of American Families; U.S. Business Owners Pay Premium to Hire Migrant Workers in Extremely Tight Labor Market, and related stories

You’ve Probably Never Been ‘Woman Of The Year,’ But These Men Have; USA Today Again Picks Biological Man As 'Woman Of The Year'

They Knew: FOIA Document Shows Government Anticipated Mass Vaccine Injuries, Then Observed Them From Day One; Study: Many CDC Blunders Exaggerated Severity of COVID-19, and other C-Virus related stories

Friday, March 31, 2023

PRIORITIES: Biden's Budget Mentions Fentanyl Twice, 'queer' 7 Times; Homeland Security Seizes 900 Pounds of Fentanyl in One Week at Border, and related stories

Trump Promises to End War in Ukraine in 24 HOURS; Putin Wanted ‘total cleansing’ of Ukraine with ‘house-to-house terror,’ Leaked Spy Docs Reveal; Military Expert Explains Growing Number of Drone Explosions in Russia; What are Tactical Nuclear Weapons and what is Russia's Policy? - LIVE UPDATES and MORE

Kamala Harris Tosses Yet Another Word Salad; Kamala Harris' latest word salad honors 'women who made history throughout history' for Women's History Month; The Most Awkward and Embarrassing Kamala Harris ‘word salads’ of 2022

Bans on Biological Males Competing in Girls’ Sports Now Sweeping the Nation; World Athletics Bans Trans Females Who Experienced Male Puberty

China Suspends Access to Western Scientists Searching for COVID Origins; The Week in whoppers: The Atlantic’s COVID-Origins Miscues, Rep. Bowman’s China Blinders and More, and other C-Virus related stories