Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Lying About Benghazi Sole Hillary Accomplishment

Is it Normal to Have a Possible Party to a Murder Oversee Its Investigation?

Op-ed: Never Again ... Never Ever Again

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down Israeli Jets if 2014 Iran Attack Carried Out

EGYPT Designates Hamas a Terror Organization ... Good For Them!

Kurdish Rebels in Turkey Demand Democratic Reforms to Disarm

Paul Ryan: Obama made 'huge mistake' by 'dissing' Netanyahu (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 03-03-15)

Marco Rubio to Iran: You Can Have An Economy or Nukes Program, Not Both (Full interview on the 'Kelly File' 03-03-15)

Ben Carson: 'Thousands & Thousands' of Americans Urging Me to Run in 2016 (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 03-03-15)

Mark Levin Slams 'Imprisonment President' Obama for 'Making Nice With Iran' (Full interview with Sean Hannity 03-03-15)

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Obama Wouldn't Shed a Tear If Israel Disappeared Tomorrow (Full interview with Sean Hannity 03-03-15)

Sen. Rand Paul sounds off on Iran nuclear negotiations (Full interview with Sean Hannity 03-03-15)