Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thomas Sowell: Trump Would Be A Dangerous Choice For President

Donald Trump’s victories in the Republican primaries may make him seem like a sure winner. But those victories have been achieved by receiving either somewhat less than 40% of the votes or somewhat more than 40%, but never a majority.
The fragmenting of the Republican vote among many candidates in the primaries made this possible. But victory in the general election for president of the United States in November is going to require a lot more than 40% of the votes. And polls consistently show Mr. Trump to be the most negatively regarded of any of the candidates in either party.
In some Republican winner-take-all states, 40% of the votes can be enough to get 100% of the delegates. This leverage might enable Trump to gain a majority of the delegates needed to become the party’s nominee.
But Trump and his supporters want more. They are now talking as if winning a plurality of the delegates ought to be enough to gain him the nomination, despite his failing to get a majority, as required by long-standing rules.
There is a reason why the rules require a candidate for the nomination to receive a majority of the delegates. If you cannot even get a majority of the delegates in your own party, how can you expect to win the November election for president?
Delegates get their first opportunity to choose a candidate by voting according to the way their respective primary voters voted. But, if that process fails to produce a winner, then delegates can vote again, this time on the basis of their own best judgments, for as many rounds of voting as it may take before someone gets a majority.
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None of this is new. Yet some Trump supporters are talking as if a failure to change the rules for the benefit of “The Donald” — by letting a plurality, rather than a majority, choose the winner — would mean that Trump had been cheated out of the nomination. But what of the voters who voted AGAINST Trump during the primaries? Despite the fog of political rhetoric, we should not lose sight of the fact that those who voted against Trump in the primaries were far more numerous than those who voted for him.
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randal thom said...

i hate to bust your big o know it all bubble dude, but the number of people who voted against trump is way way lower than those who voted for trump, if it was the case as you suggest, why is the actual vote total of those voting for trump almost 3 million more than casted for the others, which is what you are suggesting a vote against trump. so get your proverbial know it all head out of your ass and quit riding the narrative of the lame stream media. it is apparent that you are a full on establishment lover. and for that. you suck. see ya..