Monday, April 18, 2016

Here’s Why Trump’s ‘Everything Is Rigged’ Talk Is So Alarming

Elections: If you listen to the leading candidates in both political parties these days, you’d think everything in this country is “rigged.” It’s a terrible message that simply excuses irresponsibility.
Donald Trump is the latest to toss around the “rigged” claim, which is a bit ironic since he was on the other end of that allegation not too long ago.
Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin made headlines in 2012 by claiming the five finalists in the Miss USA pageant had been pre-selected. Trump, who was a co-owner of the pageant, called her a sore loser and then successfully sued Monnin for $5 million.
Now Trump is the one the one yelling “rigged” after losing a delegate contest in Colorado.
“Our Republican system is absolutely rigged. It’s a phony deal,” Trump said Tuesday. “This is a dirty trick.”
If anything, Trump’s claim is less credible than Monnin’s. Colorado’s delegate selection process has been in place since 1912, and while Cruz had a very effective ground game in the state, Trump ignored it until the last minute.
Trump’s broadside against the Republican Party captured all the headlines, but it’s what he said next that should alarm conservatives.
“We’ve already been disenfranchised,” he growled. “Because if you think about it, the economy is rigged, the banking system is rigged, there’s a lot of things that are rigged in this world of ours, and that’s why a lot of you haven’t had an effective wage increase in 20 years.”
That is an almost word-for-word copy of what socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders has been saying.
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cimbri said...

It is rigged. CO was going to a primary last year and then they shelved it because Trump was leading in the polls. The latest propaganda refers to a Cruz "ground game". There is no ground game, they're just GOP anti-Trump insiders looking for any establishment guy to carry the banner in Nov. They admitted it on Twitter, the CO GOP tweeted, after giving all the delegates slots to Cruz, "We did it. #neverTrump".

I don't know how they think average guys out here are going to vote for a nominee who is scared of a state election primary.

#NeverTrump said...

They shelved it in MAY 15. Trump didn't enter until JUNE 15. Nice try though.

Facts are stubborn things.