Monday, April 11, 2016

A Trade Lesson in Trump Scarves

Maybe he should join the movement of textile jobs back to the U.S.
We’ll admit to smiling this week when a Consumer Product Safety Commission press release crossed our desk, warning that Ivanka Trump-branded lines of scarves are being recalled for violating federal flammability standards. The 100%-rayon products, which the agency says pose a “severe burn risk,” were made in China.
Thankfully no one has been injured by these combustible accessories, though a question is whether Donald Trump and his family partners will ever be burned by voters for the disjunction between his political rhetoric and business practices. The same day as the recall, the candidate assailed Ford’s $1.6 billion investment in a Mexican auto plant as “an absolute disgrace.”
If Mr. Trump promises to restore American jobs supposedly lost to competition abroad, he’s unrepentant about offshoring his signature ties and Ms. Trump’s shoes and dresses. Foreigners, he said last month, “make it impossible for clothing makers in this country to do clothing in this country. And if you look at what’s happened on Seventh Avenue, and you look at what’s happened in New York with the garment industry, so much of the clothing now comes out from Vietnam, China and other places.”
We won’t begrudge a guy for trying to make a buck, nor for adapting to the realities of integrated global supply chains. And it’s fair to wonder if the Trumps are being shaken down by Democratic regulators. But a spokesperson for Ivanka Trump Collection wrote in an email that they were “disappointed to learn of the need for Global Brands Group, our license partner, to recall two styles of Ivanka Trump scarves, but we are relieved that immediate action is being taken.”
Therein lies an irony or two. Despite what Mr. Trump has heard on Seventh Avenue, the apparel industry is starting to return to America—and one reason is superior quality control.
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