Monday, April 11, 2016

David Brody: Cruz Fits The Bill To A T(EA PARTY)

"Teavangelical" candidate is a natural for Republican grassroots
His critics have called Ted Cruz a lot of names, many of them too lewd to publish in this space. But there is a name he’d love to claim, one that seems much more plausible now than it did before his big win in the Wisconsin primary: first "Teavangelical" president of the United States.
What exactly is a Teavangelical? I coined the term in my 2012 book by the same name. The definition is pretty straightforward: a conservative Christian (typically evangelical) who strongly supports the Tea Party agenda or is active in the Tea Party movement. In other words, it’s a hybrid of the evangelical and the constitutional conservative Republican voter. Cruz comes directly from that mold and fits the bill to a tee (pun intended). That’s what happens when you talk unashamedly about Jesus and have your roots in Tea Party politics. You become a card-carrying member.
The reality is that the grassroots base of the Republican Party is made up of Teavangelicals. While Donald Trump has indeed performed well with this group, it’s really much more of a natural fit for Cruz. Yes, Trump has appeal with Teavangelicals when it comes to certain issues such as immigration and an out-of-control federal budget. But the Teavangelical game plan and Cruz’s inner political DNA are close to identical. I mean, for goodness sake, the man was reciting the Constitution by heart as a teenager. On the campaign trail he proclaims, before anything else, that he’s a “Christian first.”
There are five main issues that Teavangelicals bond over: reclaiming the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage; reducing the size and scope of government; returning to fiscal responsibility; reducing taxes and opposing tax increases; and restoring free-market principles. In all five areas, Cruz’s track record has longevity, depth and consistency.
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