Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Trump Thinks He Shouldn’t Have to Testify in University Lawsuit

'I would imagine the courts would make it not go on during a campaign'
The already unusual campaign season could see an even more unlikely spectacle in August: the Republican presidential nominee striding into a San Diego courtroom to testify that one of his former ventures was not fraudulent.
LINK: Yes, Trump University Was a Massive Scam
Donald Trump doesn’t think it will come to that—and he has made clear that he doesn’t think it should, in part because it would be such a media circus.
“Whenever it happens, it happens. But, you know, I would imagine the courts would make it not go on during a campaign,” Trump told TIME in a recent phone interview about this history of litigation. “I would think that would be very unfair.”
But that doesn’t mean he is willing to settle the case, an option he says has been open to him in the past. “I don’t know when the case goes,” he says. “But it’s a case that I could have settled and I’d rather go to court.” The billionaire real estate mogul says he’ll mount a vigorous defense against those who argue that his now-defunct for-profit Trump University was nothing more than a brazen moneymaking scheme.
Such is the way of Donald Trump in the courtroom. For decades, he has been a frequent litigant in civil cases, both as plaintiff and defendant. And without fail, he has entered each battle focused with a similar strategy of public defiance and private calculation. While he claims to never settle lawsuits, he has done so numerous times. Through it all, the most important rule has remained constant: Whatever the outcome, he will declare himself the winner.
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