Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ted Cruz rips Donald Trump on Carrier Jobs, Mexico (includes auto-on video)

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz called Donald Trump "a big-government liberal" and said he would take a much different approach than his opponent to companies that move jobs to Mexico.
Cruz told IndyStar in an exclusive interview before his rally Saturday night in Lebanon that Trump's emphasis on tariffs puts his opponent in company with a pair of Democrats, President Barack Obama and candidate Hillary Clinton.
Cruz also said he would welcome an endorsement from Gov. Mike Pence, despite Pence's sagging popularity, and that businesses were being "bullied" into opposing religious freedom laws.
In a rally in Indianapolis earlier this week, Trump excoriated Indy company Carrier and an affiliate for preparing to eliminate 2,100 jobs and move them to Mexico. Trump said he would "tax the hell" out of them. Cruz told IndyStar that's a bad idea.
"Big-government liberals — like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — all try to use the power of government to bully and abuse and punish those who don't do what they want.
"Donald has a long history of threatening government retaliation against any company that moves jobs overseas — exactly like Obama and Hillary do. I think that's exactly backward. It is a tragedy that Carrier is moving so many jobs to Mexico, but it is responding to the disaster that is the Obama-Clinton economy. It is the federal government that has driven Carrier out of Indiana and is driving jobs away from America all across this country.
"Donald has no idea how to bring jobs back to America. His response to every problem is to yell and scream and curse and insult people. But he has no actual policy to fix the problem."
Read the full story HERE and watch the related interview below:

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cimbri said...

Cruz is lying again. Cruz supported Obamatrade and wrote an editorial with Speaker Ryan, explaining that America really needed it. Now he's claiming that Trump, who has been the groundbreaker for fair trade, is with Obama and Hillary! He's the worst liar that I have ever witnessed run for president.

CRUZ/FIORINA 16 said...

Well, If Cruz is Lying as you say, they'll be more than 1 TRUMPtard like yourself pointing it out. I would expect the TRUMP NETWORK (Fox News) to chime in on it any moment now.