Thursday, April 14, 2016

GAO: Personal Data At Risk In ObamaCare Exchanges

A government audit found what it called “significant weaknesses” in state-run exchanges in California, Kentucky and Vermont that could compromise the security of personal information they’ve collected on the 1.7 million who’ve signed up for ObamaCare plans there.
The GAO said that the security lapses included “insufficient encryption and inadequately configured firewalls, among others.” In total, the audit found 90 flaws that these states needed to address to improve the security of their data.
The audit didn’t identify the three states examined. Those came to light only in response to a FOIA request from The Associated Press. AP reports that, although the GAO reported its findings to the states in September, “some of the flaws have yet to be fixed.”
ObamaCare enrollees have to provide sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, names of their spouses and children, annual income, and other data that hackers could use to steal personal identities.
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