Sunday, April 3, 2016

North Dakota Republican Convention Update: Ted Cruz Slams Donald Trump In Search Of Unbound GOP Delegates

Speaking Saturday at the North Dakota Republican convention, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz threw familiar barbs at GOP front-runner Donald Trump. The blustery billionaire would be a "train wreck" in a general election said Cruz, who has emerged as the principal competitor to Trump in the race for the GOP nomination.
"If we nominate Donald Trump, it hands the general election to Hillary Clinton with a big silver bow," Cruz, a U.S. senator from Texas, told the North Dakota crowd, according to Politico. "He loses by double digits."
... Cruz was the sole GOP candidate to show up in North Dakota, where the state will decide on 25 delegates it will send to the July 18-21 national convention in Cleveland. The delegates will be entirely unbound to any candidate until then. The 2016 GOP race has been overtaken by talk of a brokered convention should Trump not reach 1,237 delegates, a number that would, barring unforeseen rule changes, lock up the nomination. ...
Read the full story HERE and view a video segment from Cruz's speech in Fargo before the convention:

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