Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Trump’s Mess Has Become His Message

His supporters are getting embarrassed by his sheer dumb grossness.
A woman who aborts a child is operating within an emotional and spiritual context of fear, disappointment, confusion and sadness. If she receives an illegal abortion she should not be “punished” by the law. This is in line with long human tradition and is based on the simple wisdom that she has already been gravely and tragically penalized: She has lost her child, someone who was very likely going to love her, someone she very likely would have loved. The doctor who performs such an abortion on the other hand is not in turmoil, he is in business. He breaks the law and ends the life of the child with full consciousness, and for profit. He should be “punished.” He should be in jail.
That we even have to discuss this is absurd. It also feels very 1970s, when the subject to so many was new. I guess it’s still new to Donald Trump, and so unexamined, un-thought-through. Yes, he walked back or clarified his stand on punishment, and yes, Chris Matthews badgered and browbeat him on MSNBC. But presidential hopefuls, especially Republican ones, are routinely badgered and browbeaten. You have to deal with it. It’s part of how you earn the big job.
But I feel like we’re missing something in this latest.
Mr. Trump is hurting himself, in real time and for the first time. We will likely see it, and soon, in the polls. Already his numbers in next week’s Wisconsin primary have fallen, and as for women—well, with women nationally Mr. Trump is currently more popular than cholera, but not by much.
Read the rest of Peggy Noonan's op-ed HERE.

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cimbri said...

Speaking of messes, Cruz is currently embroiled in 2 separate sex scandals; the National Enquirer article, read by millions, and now it is alleged that his phone number is appearing on the DC Madam phone list. That's not even counting the other problem, wherein Cruz work numbers have appeared in the Ashley Madison porn website data dump. Sorry but that's a little too much smoke to just ignore. There's definitely dirt there and I'm pretty sure most of it will appear in October, if Cruz somehow stole the nomination at the convention. Right now, the MSM is sitting on it because Trump is their main adversary.