Sunday, April 10, 2016

Unbound States Prove Precious in GOP Contest

Republican presidential candidates chase delegates in Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming as race tightens
Early in this year’s torrent of closely watched Republican presidential primaries and caucuses, GOP voters in Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming seemed almost irrelevant.
The delegates selected from those three states to attend the Republican National Convention in July were expected to arrive in Cleveland as political orphans, bound to no candidate and easy pickings for a clear-cut winner.
Now, with chances of a contested convention increasing after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s win over Donald Trump in Wisconsin’s primary Tuesday, the campaigns are fighting for each individual delegate in every state. Typically sleepy state conventions are briefly becoming the epicenter of the political world as the candidates and political media descend on what were expected to be backwater events.
Mr. Cruz is expected to appear at Colorado’s convention this weekend when the state finishes selecting its 37 delegates. He was joined by representatives for Mr. Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at a similar event in North Dakota last weekend.
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