Friday, April 1, 2016

Why Ohio Political Candidates can now Lie while Campaigning

A recent appellate court decision overturned Ohio laws prohibiting the use of lies in campaign ads, citing First Amendment protections of candidates' speech.
Candidates for political office in Ohio can no longer count on the state to correct lies on the campaign trail, following a court ruling that allows lying in political advertising in the Buckeye State.
Whereas complaints of candidate dishonesty in ads were previously brought before the Ohio Elections Commission for a determination of their falsity, well ahead of voting, outright lies are now acceptable under Ohio law regardless of the Commission’s opinion.
Do you think Donald likes the ruling?
Most of my clients want to tell the truth,” attorney Donald Brey told The Columbus Dispatch. Mr. Brey has previously represented Republican candidates appearing before the state Commission.
He explained that, after the court decision, “if a client says, ‘I want to lie through my teeth, and as long as I don’t defame anybody, can I get away with it?’ The answer is, unless you’re running for judge, yes.”
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