Wednesday, April 6, 2016

THEFT? To Trump and His supporters:

To Trump and His supporters:

NO ONE is stealing the nomination from Donald Trump.


Because, Trump would HAVE TO HAVE 1237 delegates in order to CLAIM that the nomination was his.


So UNTIL someone has 1237 Delegates, NO ONE (INCLUDING TRUMP) owns the nomination. WHEN someone does reach 1237 delegate threshold, the nomination will be won by someone.

SO DONALD, YOU HAVE TO OWN SOMETHING before you can accuse someone of stealing it!

And Donald, SPEND LESS TIME ON TWITTER and instead, learn the DELEGATE GAME. Because FALSE ACCUSATIONS and WHINING ALL THE TIME is so unpresidential.

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cimbri said...

There are plenty of morons on Cruz and Trump's respective factions, especially on Twitter. I don't think the argument is that it's a theft situation. The argument is mostly that, as Trump mentioned after WI, Cruz is the ox pulling the Trojan horse into the convention. Inside the great wooden horse, are Ryan, Romney and the other rejected characters of the GOP past. Granted it's premature to make that argument, but in a few weeks, when Cruz is in Kasich's present situation, Cruz will have a hard time explaining why he is still in. He will need a pretty good explanation to the voters.