Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ted Cruz Names Carly Fiorina As His Running Mate As He Gears Up For Indiana Primary

Republican Ted Cruz, desperate to change the course of his flagging presidential campaign, on Wednesday named former Hewlett-Packard Co. Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina as his running mate.
... Mr. Cruz devoted the bulk of his speech naming Mrs. Fiorina as his running mate to bashing Mr. Trump, who after winning five Northeastern states Tuesday holds a commanding delegate advantage heading into Indiana’s May 3 primary next week. Indiana is now viewed as a last stand for Mr. Cruz—if he cannot win a decisive victory over Mr. Trump next week, it becomes implausible to argue that he can stop Mr. Trump from amassing the 1,237 delegates required to clinch the party’s nomination on the first ballot at its July convention.
Positioning himself as down-and-out isn’t necessarily the worst move for Mr. Cruz in Indiana, where the state’s reverence for underdogs is celebrated in the 1986 movie “Hoosiers.”
“The essence of Indiana is we cheer for guys who are down and punish guys who are ahead,” said Mark Souder, who represented northeast Indiana in Congress for 15 years. “It might be seen as desperate that doesn’t mean were going to go against him.”
The move also signals that Mr. Cruz isn’t likely to win any new significant endorsements from key Indiana Republicans who have remained neutral in the presidential race, such as Gov. Mike Pence and former Gov. Mitch Daniels. Though he is said to have a strong team in place in Indiana, Mr. Cruz lacks the institutional Republican support there that he enjoyed in Wisconsin, where he defeated Mr. Trump earlier this month in a contest he hailed then as resetting the campaign. Mr. Pence on Wednesday was more than 100 miles away from Indianapolis, where both Mr. Cruz and Mr. Trump had events planned.
Mrs. Fiorina implored Indiana voters to give her and Mr. Cruz a victory and the opportunity to compete with Mr. Trump in the other nine states still to hold primary contests.
”This fight is about far more than a ticket, this fight is about far more than Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina, this is a fight for all of us, for our party, for our future, for our children’s future,” Mrs. Fiorina said. Of the Republican campaign, she insisted: “It isn’t over.” ...
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