Thursday, April 28, 2016

GOP Convention: Trump’s inability to Connect with Local Leaders may come back to Haunt Him.

Good news for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and the Republican moderates staring at 2016 with existential dread: Even if the GOP doesn’t mount a coup at the convention’s rules committee in July, someone who is not named Donald Trump or Ted Cruz could still secure the presidential nomination.
That was the message late last week out of the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting in Hollywood, Florida, and it’s further proof of the golden rule in politics: He who has the gold makes the rules.
Of course, the conventional wisdom coming into the spring meeting was that Trump and Cruz, the two candidates with the most delegates, would pack the convention rules committee with their own people to ensure that certain stipulations from the 2012 convention remain in place — particularly rule 40(b), which requires a candidate for the nomination to have the support of a majority of delegates in at least eight states. (Kasich has met that threshold in exactly zero states.)
But even if the rules committee keeps that statute before the convention, it wouldn’t theoretically prevent an establishment white knight from eventually riding into Cleveland.
“You don’t have to have your name put in nomination,” Kasich strategist Mike Biundo told reporters outside of an RNC meeting last week. “All that means is you don’t get the speech and the pomp and circumstance.”
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