Thursday, April 14, 2016

Delegate-Selection Fight Plays to Ted Cruz’s Strength

GOP presidential candidate steps up pressure on Donald Trump in state contests
Ted Cruz shut out his Republican presidential rivals in the Colorado delegation-selection contest this weekend, and he is intensifying pressure on front-runner Donald Trump to step up his game in similar state and local conventions that are taking on heightened significance in the campaign’s next phase.
The party conventions across the country typically get little national attention. But while Mr. Trump has recently reorganized and beefed up his campaign staff to focus on them, the scramble is an insider’s contest that plays to one of Mr. Cruz’s strengths: his ties with seasoned political activists. They turned out in force in Colorado, where he dominated the state’s raucous and chaotic convention system and picked up all 34 delegates available.
They also delivered in Iowa, where Republicans on Saturday—more than two months after the state held its caucus for voters—began the process of picking delegates to the July national convention. Cruz supporters won 11 of the 12 that were up for grabs in Iowa.
That continues a winning streak for the Texas senator, who won the Utah caucuses three weeks ago. Last weekend in North Dakota, more supporters of Mr. Cruz than Mr. Trump won delegate slots. And Mr. Cruz triumphed in Wisconsin’s primary last Tuesday.
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