Friday, April 22, 2016

Battle for the Massachusetts GOP Convention Delegates Intensifies

Donald Trump, often boastful of his talent for brilliant deals, could get a raw one from Massachusetts.
Trump won an overwhelming victory in the state’s Republican presidential primary last month, his largest to date. But it could be Ted Cruz, who finished a distant fourth here, who ends up with a plurality of Massachusetts delegates after convention balloting this summer. Some Republicans, unhappy with either choice, still hold out hope for an alternative candidate, but none has emerged.
Senior state Republicans say jockeying for delegates and votes has intensified in the last few weeks. Cruz backers and unaffiliated establishment Republicans are angling for delegates who would be willing to switch from Trump if he fails to prevail in the first round of balloting at the GOP’s July convention in Cleveland.
Most of the 42 delegates who will attend the convention will be picked at April 30 state caucuses, and the lobbying is likely to further intensify between now and then.
One senior party strategist, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he expected some delegate candidates to claim to be Trump loyalists, but actually plan to vote for Cruz or another contender on the later ballots.
Using databases of supporters compiled before the primary, representatives of all the campaigns have been e-mailing and calling, lining up delegate slates and encouraging Republicans to attend the caucuses.
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