Monday, February 29, 2016

Bill To Ban Muslim Brotherhood Advances In Congress

Marco Rubio-led Senate national security group seldom meets

Trump, And His Wallet, Are Untested

Pro-Cruz Groups Launch $2.4 Million Super Tuesday Ad Push

Ted Cruz EXTENDED INTERVIEW on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (Full Video 02-28-16)

Ted Cruz on CNN's 'State of the Union' (Full interview 02-28-16)

Ted Cruz on NBC's 'Meet the Press' (Full interview 02-28-16)

Ted Cruz on ABC's 'This Week' (Full interview 02-28-16)

Ted Cruz on 'Fox News Sunday' (Full interview with Chris Wallace 02-28-16)

John Kasich on CNN's 'State of the Union' (Full interview 02-28-16)

Marco Rubio on 'Fox News Sunday' (Full interview with Chris Wallace 02-28-16)

Sunday, February 28, 2016

HYPOCRISY WATCH: Trump Hired Hundreds Of Foreign Workers For Jobs Americans Wanted

Ted Cruz, A Personal Look At A Humble Man

Iran Pledges Thousands Of Dollars For the Families of Palestinian terrorists (auto-on video)

INVASION OF EUROPE: With E.U. Paralyzed, 10 Nations Try to Stem Migrant Flow

TED CRUZ at the Regent University 2016 Presidential Candidate Forum (Full video 02-26-16)

Business Legend Jack Welch on Why he Supports Ted Cruz (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 02-27-16)

Dan Patrick on Ted Cruz and GOP Race (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 02-27-16)

Ron Nehring on Ted Cruz and the GOP Race (Full interview on MSNBC 02-27-16)

John Kasich Town Hall Meeting in Nashville, TN (Full video 02-27-16)

Marco Rubio News Conference in Kennesaw, GA (Full video 02-27-16)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Russia To Request Permission For High-Tech Surveillance Flights Over U.S.

New-Voter Drive Targets Latino Immigrants

Texas critical to Cruz's 2016 Hopes

Donald Trump’s Tax Return Dodge

Op-ed: On Closing Gitmo

TED CRUZ with Sean Hannity HOLDS TOWN HALL IN NASHVILLE, TN (Full video 02-26-16)

Ted Cruz with Jake Tapper at Post-CNN Debate interview (Full video 02-25-16)

Brent Bozell: Analysis showed Trump is getting More Coverage than 16 Candidates Combined (Full interview on CNN 02-24-16)

Texas Gov. Abbott: Cruz is the only true conservative still running (Full interview on Fox Business 02-25-16)

John Kasich: Trump's mass deportation plan will 'never happen' (Full interview with Eric Bolling 02-26-16)

Marco Rubio: Donald Trump is being unmasked (Full interview with Bret Baier 02-26-16)

Ben Carson: Moderators didn't want to gain control of GOP debate (Full interview with Eric Bolling 02-26-16)

Friday, February 26, 2016


Obama Lying About Gitmo As A ‘Recruiting Tool For Terrorists’

Where Obama Fails on Iran Sanctions, the Gulf States Can Step In

Republicans Should Want a Supreme Court Fight

How To Stop Hackers? Let's Go Back To Paper

Why I Endorse Fianna Fail in the Irish Election

Ted Cruz Post-Debate interview with Eric Bolling (Full video 02-25-16)

Ted Cruz Speech at the County Republican Party hosts 2016 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, Houston, TX (Full video 02-24-16)

CNN GOP Debate, 10th 2016 Republican Presidential Debate in Houston Texas (Full video 02-25-16)

Greg Abbott: Cruz to restore principled leadership to White House (Full interview 'On the Record' 02-25-16)

Rep. Justin Amash: Cruz the top pick for Libertarians in 2016 (Full interview with Kennedy 02-25-16)

Tom Coburn urges all candidates to release their taxes (Full interview with with Neil Cavuto 02-25-16)

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Defiant Iran Defies the UN and International Laws Again

Are America's Young Lost To Socialism?

Ted Cruz Outraises Rubio In Super Tuesday States

Ex-NSA chief Michael Hayden backs Apple on iPhone ‘back doors’

Ted Cruz talks women in combat, abortion and Hispanic voters (Full interview on the 'Kelly File' 02-24-16)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Endorsement of Ted Cruz (Full video 02-24-16)

Mitt Romney on possible ‘bombshell’ in Trump’s tax returns

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Ted Cruz is the most honest guy in the race (Full interview 02-24-16)

John Kasich: My purpose is to be president (Full interview on the 'Kelly File' 02-24-16)

Marco Rubio on stem cell research, anti-Muslim rhetoric and Gitmo (Full interview on the 'Kelly File' 02-24-16)

Ben Carson: Our country is in critical condition (Full interview on the 'Kelly File' 02-24-16)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Syria shocker: Obama’s Pentagon helps Russia track U.S. Special Forces

Trump Needs To Release His Tax Returns Now

SUPREME COURT: Why The Nomination Process Grinds Slowly

INVASION OF EUROPE: Now Germany Threatens SANCTIONS Against EU States Over Migrant Chaos

Ted Cruz interview with Hugh Hewitt (Full audio 02-22-16)


Lou Dobbs: The more endorsements Rubio gets, the more establishment he is (Full video 02-23-16)

Bernie Goldberg says media are going too easy on Trump (Full interview with Jon Scott 02-23-16)

John Kasich: 'I profoundly disagree' with closing Gitmo (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 02-23-16)

Marco Rubio interview 'On the Record' (Full video 02-23-16)

Ben Carson interview on 'Fox & Friends' (Full video 02-23-16)

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Right Side Patriots...Live!

GOP Braces for Nevada Caucus Mayhem on Tuesday

Donald Trump Has A Truth Problem Of His Own On Iraq

An ISIS ‘Dirty-Bomb 9/11’ From Across U.S. Border

CDC STUDY: The Americans Who Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Op-ed: Clearing Up the Pathway Debate

Ted Cruz campaign rally at the Durango Hills Community Center, Las Vegas (Full video 02-22-16)

Ted Cruz on his illegal immigration stance (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 02-22-16)

Ted Cruz campaign rally at Henderson Convention Center Las Vegas (Full video 02-21-16)

Ted Cruz campaign senior advisor talks Nevada caucus, campaign strategy (Full interview on Fox Business 02-22-16)

John Kasich addresses controversy over women voters comment (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 02-22-16)

Marco Rubio interview with Bill O'Reilly (Full video 02-22-16)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Have Deepest Pockets Ahead of ‘Super Tuesday’

Grassley Shows Why Republicans Have It Coming To Them

Ted Cruz Wins Alabama Presidential Straw Poll

Obama's America: Hate Groups On The Rise

Ted Cruz interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 02-21-17)

Ted Cruz interview on ABC's 'This Week' (Full video 02-21-17)

Ted Cruz interview on CNN's 'State of the Union' (Full video 02-21-17)

Sales Pitch | Ted Cruz TV Ad (video 02-17-17)

Ted Cruz interview on NBC's 'Meet the Press' (Full video 02-21-17)

John Kasich interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 02-21-17)

Marco Rubio interview on 'Fox News Sunday' (Full video 02-21-16)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

U.S.-Beijing Spat Escalates Over Missiles in South China Sea

The Right Way The U.S. And Muslims Should Work Together

David Petraeus op-ed: Putin Hasn’t Given Up His Designs on Ukraine

ISIS Faces Budget Crunch, Cutting Perks and Trimming Salaries

Ted Cruz SC Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-20-16)

John Kasich SC Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-20-16)

Jeb Bush suspends his presidential campaign (Full video 02-20-16)

Marco Rubio SC Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-20-16)

Ben Carson SC Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-20-16)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ted Cruz Flattens Liberal Tax Policy Center

Ted Cruz’s Super PACs Embrace Ground Game in Republican Campaign

IN DEPTH REPORT: Broken Discipline Tracking Systems Let Teachers Flee Troubled Pasts

INVASION OF EUROPE: Spring could bring a fresh surge of refugees. But Europe isn’t ready for them

Ted Cruz: South Carolinians want a conservative president (Full interview with Sean Hannity 02-19-16)

Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in West Columbia, South Carolina (Full video 02-19-16)

Rep. Jeff Duncan: The feel in South Carolina is very similar to Iowa (Full interview on Fox Business 02-19-16)

Behind the scenes of the Cruz campaign on SC primary eve (Full video 02-19-16)

Jeb Bush: We need a serious person to be president (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 02-19-16)

John Kasich Town Hall Meeting in Clemson, South Carolina (Full video 02-18-16)

Friday, February 19, 2016


The Secret Army Stumping for Ted Cruz

How To End Food Stamp Dependence There's No Secret

Justice Scalia’s Legacy of Laughs

One Way To Cut Your Health-Care Bill: PAY CASH

Op-ed: Liar, Liar...Trump's Pants are on Fire

MUST WATCH: TED CRUZ FULL CNN GOP Town Hall (Video 02-17-16)

Jeb Bush Town Hall Meeting in Columbia, South Carolina (Full video 02-17-16)

Ted Cruz campaign’s Rick Tyler: Last GOP debate hurt Trump (Full interview on Fox Business 02-18-16)

John Kasich: My campaign has great crowds, endorsements in SC (Full interview with Sean Hannity 02-18-16)

Lt Col Ralph Peters: CEO Is Telling Bad Guys Around the World, 'Apple's Got Your Back' (Full interview 02-18-16)

Ben Carson: Will continue to run if South Carolina is disappointing ... I'm sure Trump appreciates that (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 02-18-16)

How Political Correctness May Cause A Zombie Apocalypse

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ted Cruz Beats Trump To Lead In New WSJ National Poll Taken After Trump's Debate Meltdown

Democrats Demand Government-Funded Lawyers For ILLEGALS

You Can't Make This Crap Up: Jealousy Between ILLEGALS Over How They Are Treated

Supreme Court: What Happens In Case Of A Tie?

Ted Cruz Press Conference in Seneca, South Carolina. (Full video 02-17-16)

Marco Can't Hide the Facts: BEST POLITICAL AD I've Seen This 2016 Season

Fox Business Panel discuss First WSJ Poll conducted after Debate that has Ted Cruz Leading Nationally

Jeb Bush defends tweeting pic of gun (Full interview Martha MacCallum 02-17-16)

Lt Col Ralph Peters: Apple CEO Would Rather Sell Phones to Terrorists Than Protect Americans (Full interview with Sean Hannity 02-17-16)

Newt Gingrich: Trump would face trouble in one-on-one race (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 02-17-16)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

An ISIS 9/11 Attack On America With WMDs In 2016

Famed economist Thomas Sowell just made a HUGE endorsement for president…

Donald Trump’s Moment

Poetic justice: SAS Sniper Blows Head Off ISIS Chief Teaching Jihadis How To DECAPITATE


Ted Cruz on The Supreme Court and Justice Scalia (Full interview with Hugh Hewitt 02-16-16)

Ted Cruz campaign Spokesman Rick Tyler on Trump, South Carolina (Full interview with Lou Dobbs 02-16-16)

Jeb Bush on Trump (Full interview on 'Mornings with Maria' 02-16-16)

Newt Gingrich sizes up South Carolina GOP primary (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 02-16-16)

Ben Carson eyes 'collapse' in GOP 2016 race (Full interview 'On the Record' 02-16-16)

Marco Rubio interview 'On the Record' (Full video 02-16-16)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Syrian 'Ceasefire' Looks A Lot Like Surrender Diplomacy

Could It Get Worse For Hillary? Yes, And Here’s Why ...

10 Years After, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Makes His Case

Watch What You Say ... In Front Of Your TV

Op-ed: Delay, Delay, Delay...No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

Ted Cruz slams Trump's Lawsuit Threat, Rubio's Record (Full interview with Sean Hannity 02-15-16)

Ted Cruz vows to filibuster Obama's Supreme Court nomination (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 02-15-16)

Rush Limbaugh: At #GOPDebate Donald Trump sounded like Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, MSNBC Host (Audio Clip 02-15-16)

Dick Cheney Blasts Trump 9/11 Claims, "Sounds Like A Liberal Democrat" (Full interview with Bret Baier 02-15-16)

Jeb Bush speaks on replacing Justice Scalia (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 02-15-16)

Sen. Orrin Hatch on the battle for Scalia’s seat (Full interview 02-15-16)

Ben Carson on 'the Kelly File' (Full video 02-15-16)

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Myths of Black Lives Matter

After Hiring 1,000 New DMV Bureaucrats, California Issues 605,000 Licenses To ILLEGALS

Scanning Borders, Israel Surveys New Reality of Tunnels and Terror

Afghan Taliban Use Captured Humvees in Suicide Attack

Ted Cruz on ABC's 'This Week' (Full interview 02-14-16)

Ted Cruz on NBC's 'Meet the Press' (Full interview 02-14-16)

Jeb Bush on CNN's 'State of the Union' (Full interview 02-16-16)

John Kasich 'Would Send Somebody' To Supreme Court If He Were President (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' 02-14-16)

Marco Rubio on ABC's 'This Week' (Full interview 02-14-16)

Ben Carson shares his thoughts on the Iraq War (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 02-14-16)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Does Iran Really Prefer Nuclear Missiles To Suitcase Nukes?

Trump’s Eminent Disdain

70% Of Obama’s Budget Is Writing Checks To Individuals

Here's Why North Korea Sanctions Won't Work

Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck, and Tony Perkins at MorningStar Rally (Full Video 02-11-16)

CBS News GOP Republican Presidential Debate (Full video 02-13-16)

John Kasich on his uphill battle in South Carolina (Full interview 'On the Record' 02-12-16)

Ben Carson on The future of his campaign (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 02-12-16)

Ralph Peters: I don’t think the European Union is going away (Full interview with Lou Dobbs 02-12-16)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Supreme Court Issues Obama a Smackdown On His Climate Agenda

Trump NH win sets up Brutal Battle with Cruz in South Carolina and Beyond

IRS: Hackers Successfully Accessed 101,000 E-File Pins

U.S. To Help South Korea Develop Missile Defence System

TED CRUZ at the 2016 Faith and Family Presidential Forum (Full video 02-12-16)

JEB BUSH at the 2016 Faith and Family Presidential Forum (Full video 02-12-16)

MARCO RUBIO at the 2016 Faith and Family Presidential Forum (Full video 02-12-16)

BEN CARSON at the 2016 Faith and Family Presidential Forum (Full video 02-12-16)

John Kasich: It's hard to unite the country with attacks (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 02-12-16)

Friday, February 12, 2016


South Carolina: The Battle For Blue-Collar Evangelicals

Barack Hussein Obama: America’s First Defender-In-Chief Of Islam

Appeasing Iran, Then Shortchanging Israel

Military’s Green Push Is A Threat To America’s Security

Investigative Report: Email Scandals and Cover-Ups...Part 2 of 2

Ted Cruz in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Full amateur video 02-10-16)

John Kasich: It's either going to happen or it's not (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 02-11-16)

Jeb Bush: Our country will be worse under Trump (Full interview 'On the Record' 02-11-16)

Is Ted Cruz the biggest benefactor of Christie's attacks on Rubio? (Full video Fox News 02-11-16)

Ben Carson interview with Sean Hannity (Full video 02-10-16)

Marco Rubio on his South Carolina strategy (Full interview with Bill O'Reilly 02-11-16)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

GOP Candidates Focus Now On South Carolina

Obama Plays Catch-Up On Military Readiness

How A President's Insatiable Lust Killed Social Security Reform

N.H. hosts one of 9 key Senate races that will determine party control

Great interview: Ted Cruz on Trump's win-NH and Other Issues (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 02-10-16)

Ted Cruz on the High Stakes in South Carolina (includes full interview with Mike Gallagher 02-10-16)

VERY INTERESTING: Cruz Team Mixing Data Analytics Into Ground Game Campaign (Full interview with Gretchen Carlson 02-09-16)

John Kasich: My message and record works with GOP and Democrats (Full interview with Sean Hannity 02-10-16)

Charlie Gasparino: Rubio camp scrambling to keep top donors (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 02-10-16)

Jeb Bush on GW Joining Him on Campaign Trail in South Carolina (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 02-10-16)

John Bolton's take: Russia vs. ISIS, Hillary's emails (Full interview 'On the Record' 02-10-16)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Did Each GOP Candidate Achieve What They Had To in New Hampshire?

Obama Reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ Policy For ILLEGALS

Shariah Is Creeping Into Public School Classrooms

INVASION OF EUROPE: Anti-Migrant Protesters Rally in Several Major European Cities

Investigative Report: Email Scandals and Cover-Ups...Part 1 of 2

Ted Cruz NH Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-09-16)

Chris Christie NH Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-09-16)

John Kasich NH Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-09-16)

Jeb Bush NH Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-09-16)

Carly Fiorina NH Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-09-16)

Marco Rubio NH Primary Night Speech (Full video 02-09-16)