Saturday, February 27, 2016

Texas critical to Cruz's 2016 Hopes

C'mon Texas! Ted Cruz has ALWAYS had your back in the Senate. He Needs you Tuesday to show America that you appreciate it in a TEXAS BIG way:
Ted Cruz outfoxed veteran politicians on his way to the Senate and raced to the front of the Republican presidential race.
Now, the Texas senator faces one of the most critical challenges of his political career: capturing his home state in Tuesday's GOP primary.
Like many things in Texas, the prize is huge: the state's 155 delegates are the biggest grab yet of the GOP primary season and more than the four previous states combined.
Cruz has long been seen as the favorite here, with a political infrastructure in place dating back to his 2012 Senate run and big-name Republican backers. On Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott added his endorsement. But Cruz faces the political juggernaut of Donald Trump, who has won three contests in a row, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who edged him out for second place in South Carolina and Nevada.
"Super Tuesday, I believe, will be the single most important day of this entire presidential election,” Cruz said at a Houston rally Wednesday. Eleven states, including Texas, will hold GOP contests on Tuesday.
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