Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Poetic justice: SAS Sniper Blows Head Off ISIS Chief Teaching Jihadis How To DECAPITATE

AN elite SAS sniper blew the head off a sick Islamic State (ISIS) commander teaching 20 jihadis how to decapitate prisoners.
The crack soldier fired a bullet designed to inflict massive damage from three quarters of a mile away and scored a direct hit on the extremist.
His rifle was so high-powered that the bullet decapitated the bearded warrior, who stood well over six feet tall.
The fearsome recruiter for ISIS, also known as Dash, was gunned down in the middle of a drill teaching new soldiers how to execute prisoners.
Military sources said he was demonstrating a cutting motion with his arm when the bullet hit.
Some 20 junior fighters were taking part in the outdoor lesson when their commander was killed before their eyes.
One military witness said the entire group fled in terror and deserted the jihadi cause, a source told the Daily Star Sunday.
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