Saturday, February 13, 2016

U.S. To Help South Korea Develop Missile Defence System

The US will help South Korea deploy an advanced missile defence system as soon as possible, officials from the Pentagon have said.
They say the shield will help South Korea offset the growing threat posed by North Korea following its launch of a long-range rocket on Sunday.
North Korea put a satellite or some other space device into orbit at the launch, US officials said on Monday.
But it used the test as cover for a long-range missile launch, they say.
Officials in Pyongyang for their part are adamant that the test was part of the country's peaceful space programme.
In position
People in Pyongyang celebrated the launch on Monday
American and South Korean officials say they will soon begin formal negotiations over deploying the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence System (Thaad) near the border with North Korea.
"Without getting into a timeline, we'd like to see this move as quickly as possible," Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook was quoted by the AFP news agency as saying. A defence official told the news agency that that the system could be in position within two weeks of any deployment order.
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