Monday, February 1, 2016

INVASION OF EUROPE: Merkel’s Open Door For Migrants Takes Europe Towards Ruin

Has the road to modern Europe’s future been paved with good intentions? Or did the opening of the continent’s borders to the rest of the world constitute one of the most cynically destructive acts ever carried out on a democratic public?
These are just a couple of the questions now being tossed around among European publics. But whichever answer you veer towards — naive decency or cynical destruction — there can be little doubt that the path on which its leaders have put the continent tends towards hell.
Consider this month’s news alone. The new year began with a mass sexual assault against German women carried out by migrants in the centre of Cologne. Such is the self-designated role of much of the media these days that this story didn’t properly emerge for nearly a week. For in Germany and many other countries across the continent, the media has decided that its role is not to report the news. Rather, it has decided that its role is to mediate between events and the possibly negative reactions of the general public should they learn of such events.
UK Ignored Sexual Abuse of 1400 Girls by Muslim Gangs
Indeed, if it were not for a few gutsy websites the news might have taken weeks or months to come out. Which is not so unlikely. After all, in Britain when gangs of Muslim immigrant men in the north of England raped and abused as many as 1400 girls — many underage — every arm of the state and much of the media worked to keep the facts and the identities of the attackers secret for almost 15 years.
It took the resignation of Cologne’s police chief to partially alleviate this scandal. But the manner in which the story came out points to a fascinating reality in modern Europe.
The media, politicians and almost every arm of the state in the new Europe treat the general public as though we are a powder keg likely to go off at any moment. Not least among the ironies of this is that the best way to turn the public into such a powder keg is to treat it like such a powder keg.
Every day now brings stories of migrant misdeeds and hardening public attitudes. This week the story once again came out from Sweden. The murder of a 22-year-old female worker, stabbed to death at a refugee centre, certainly horrified the Swedish public. But it did not shock it. For this is only the latest in a string of sex and murder attacks carried out by recent arrivals in the Scandinavian country.
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