Friday, February 12, 2016

Military’s Green Push Is A Threat To America’s Security

Defense: As threats to America’s security proliferate, the military has a new priority. Nuclear weapons? China? Russia? Terrorism? Nope. How about climate change. Feel safer now?
A new Pentagon directive says that climate change must now be part of all Defense Department “programs, plans and policies.” According to a report by the Washington Times’ Rowan Scarborough, the Defense Department is creating a “wide array of ‘climate boards, councils and working groups’ ” to make this a priority. In other words, a vast new defense climate change bureaucracy is being born, after years of defense cutbacks.
Frank Kendall III, Under Secretary Of Defense For 
Acquisition, testifies before Congress on January 27, 
2016. Kendall's office has issued sweeping new rules that
require the military to take climate change into account
in all its activities. (UPI/Newscom)
This would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. As any objective observer will tell you, the U.S. faces a host of grave and growing threats.
Just this week, for instance, satellite photos show Iran working on a mysterious new installation that’s tied to its nuclear weapons program. No doubt, work there is picking up since President Obama started forking over billions of dollars to them under the Iran nuclear deal.
Meanwhile, just a desert away from Iran, defense analysts fear something like World War III is brewing as the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Syria, ISIS and a number of Islamic rebel groups vie to decide the fate of the Middle East. Well. But our military’s green policies are already having an impact. As Obama’s former CIA deputy director Mike Morell recently told PBS’ Charlie Rose, “we didn’t go after oil wells . . . that ISIS controls because we didn’t want to do environmental damage.”
As if that weren’t enough, North Korea on Super Sunday launched a three-stage Taepodong missile that could potentially carry a nuclear weapon to U.S. shores. Sunday’s successful missile launch is the second in a row, and comes just a month after the Communist state declared it had detonated a hydrogen bomb.
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