Monday, February 29, 2016

Trump, And His Wallet, Are Untested

Republicans and even Donald Trump supporters might figure the time has come to pull out the stops and challenge the Trump steamroller, especially after Friday’s bizarre Chris Christie endorsement. Somebody ought to spend a very large amount of money to blanket the airwaves with negative Donald Trump ads, and not just to test whether Trump fans can withstand withering exposure to their man’s contradictions, lies and peccadilloes.
Also needing to be tested is whether Mr. Trump himself can stand it, and perhaps as important, whether he really is willing and able to produce the financial resources needed to fight back in an all-out, high-dollar “air war,” as practitioners call it when the zero-sum nature of electoral battle necessitates spending large sums to change the votes of small numbers of voters.
The ad campaign is easy to envision, starting with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool some of the people all of the time.” Because, yes, this attack ad is partly an attack on Trump’s supporters, not their values, but their judgment about who represents a viable vessel for their values.
They say they like Mr. Trump because he tells it like it is, except he doesn’t. They say he is politically incorrect, but he is factually incorrect.
He claimed to have warned that the Iraq war would be a disaster and opposed it, but his plain words on the Howard Stern radio show in 2002 demonstrate no such thing.
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