Friday, February 5, 2016

MUST WATCH: Chris Christie to Team Fox News: You Guys Would Like To Have A Do-Over For Donald Trump (Full interview on Fox & Friends 02-04-16)

Kudos to Christie for not taking the bait ...Watch How FLUSTERED Team Fox News Gets:

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cimbri said...

Looking at the big picture, Trump is in excellent shape. He still leads in all the national polls, and is due for a big victory in a few days in NH. He appeals to Americans across the ideological spectrum, although of course, primarily conservative. He has a large core group of supporters in every state, which guarantees a good sum of delegates in each proportionate state. Regarding his opponents, Rubio is being built up by the MSM but has a ways to go, and Cruz, has actually lost support since Iowa, which has been a devastating blow for him. If Cruz crashes and burns in NH, which is probable, he will probably lose SC. Trump is easily still, the odds on favorite to win the whole thing.