Monday, February 15, 2016

After Hiring 1,000 New DMV Bureaucrats, California Issues 605,000 Licenses To ILLEGALS

ILLEGALS line up outside a California Dept of Motor
 Vehicles office to register for dribersc licenses in 
Stanton, Calif., Friday,  Jan. 2, 2015. (AP)
After spending $141 million to hire nearly 1,000 new Department of Motor Vehicle employees to process driver’s license applications in the wake of AB60 — the California law to issue driver’s licenses to 1.5 million illegal immigrants — the results are in, and it’s clear the bureaucrats have kept busy.
Tuesday, the DMV said it had issued 605,000 shiny new driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, with the full 1.5 million expected to be in place in the next two years. The total accounted for more than half of the licenses issued in 2015. But that’s not searchable in a database, accounting to True The Vote.
Apparently the biggest reason they didn’t issue all of them this year is that so many illegals lacked basic literacy skills in any language, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.
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cimbri said...

You have to build the wall or double/triple layered fence. IF people are allowed in, at some point they will obtain rights and privileges. It's inevitable.