Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Syrian 'Ceasefire' Looks A Lot Like Surrender Diplomacy

Diplomacy: John Kerry’s frenetic diplomacy has led to what’s being called a “cease-fire agreement” in Syria. In fact, it’s another example of the Obama administration’s growing catalog of strategic failures in the Mideast.
The so-called “cessation of hostilities” in Syria should be a time of celebration. Instead, it’s a grim reminder of the utter disaster of American foreign policy in the Mideast.
The slapdash cease-fire put in place by Secretary of State Kerry won’t bring lasting peace or anything like it. It won’t even go into effect right away, but a week from now. And it actually strengthens the hand of Russia, Iran and Syrian dictator Bashar Assad by letting them consolidate gains against the rebel opposition while pretending to observe a “cease-fire.”
Under the deal, ISIS and the al-Qaida-linked al Nusra — the main anti-Assad forces — won’t stop fighting. Only U.S. allies will.
The ancient town of Aleppo, a rebel stronghold where al Nusra has been active, is today under siege by Russian and Syrian forces. So Russia, Iran and Assad’s Syrian forces can continue their destruction of that city without breaching the cease-fire.
Get the picture? ...
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