Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Hope For Gratitude To Replace Victimization

VISA ABUSE: San Bernardino Attacks Highlights Visa Overstays

National Security: New Iran sanctions fight looms in 2016

What's Not To Like? Ted Cruz Loved in Iowa, Loathed in D.C.

Ted Cruz Gets Manny Roman's Endorsement From Jeb and Marco's Home Turf (Neil Cavuto interview 12-30-15)

Rand Paul discusses entrance criteria for next GOP debate (Full interview on 12-30-15)

Mike Huckabee: Spying on Congress members an impeachable offense (Full interview on 'The Kelly File' 12-30-15)

Marco Rubio Town Hall Meeting in Newton, Iowa (Full video on 12-30-15)

Ben Carson's 7 steps to a safer America (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-29-15)

Rick Santorum interview on 'America's Newsroom' (Full video 12-30-15)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Walk Softly, Carry A Big Stick, Then Apologize

Czech President: Migrants should be fighting Isis, not 'invading' Europe

USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings Week 18: Year End Rankings

Op-ed: Low-Info Voters vs High 2016 Expectations... Part 2 of 2

Texas Gears Up for New Open-Carry Handgun Law

Ted Cruz Speech at rally in Trussville, Alabama (Full video 12-20-15)

John Kasich interview with Neil Cavuto (Full video 12-29-15)

Ben Carson: Pundits, media have been wrong about me from beginning (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 12-29-15)

Trey Gowdy endorses Marco Rubio (Full video 12-29-15)

Rick Santorum slams Ted Cruz on social issues (Full interview with Shannon Bream 12-29-15)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

FBI investigation: Nonprofit Promoted Adult Adoptions of Illegals

Iranian Cyberattacks Expose Alarming New Risks; Is Obama Paying Attention?

France Proposes Constitution Changes After Terror Attacks that include the stripping of Citizenship

INVASION OF EUROPE: Far-right parties gain ground across Europe in 2015

Ted Cruz Talking About Progress of Christmas Tour at Presser in Oklahoma (Full video 12-26-15)

Mike Huckabee on the upcoming primary season, Ramadi (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-28-15)

Marco Rubio blasts White House narrative on ISIS (Full interview with Shannon Bream 12-28-15)

John Kasich on Tamir Rice: We have had our challenges in Ohio (Full interview with Shannon Bream 12-28-15)

Jeb Bush: Trump would be a 'disaster' as the party's nominee (Full interview with Shannon Bream 12-28-15)

Ben Carson on Mosque surveillance (Full interview 12-28-15)

Rick Santorum: Democrats right on Middle America, wrong on policies (Full interview on Fox Business 12-28-15)

Carly Fiorina: Never going to ask for support because I'm a woman (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-28-15)

Monday, December 28, 2015

What Say You Barry? Putin Says Russia will keep developing nuclear weapons

Donald Trump's Praise For Putin Shows His Ego Is A Security Risk

Sunbelt Growth May Shape 2016 Election

So What's Up With The Huntington Park Illegal Immigrant Commissioner?

Op-ed: One a Statement...One a Video...Both a Joke

MUST SEE: Ted Cruz In-Depth interview with Ed Berliner (4 video segments 12-23-15)

Will Iowa be the end of the road for Mike Huckabee? (Full interview on 'Fox News Sunday' 12-27-15)

John Kasich Dismisses Trump: 'He Complains About Everything' (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' 12-27-15)

Ben Carson Talks about his Campaign and other issues (interview on CBS 'Face the Nation' 12-27-15)

Peter King on the need for increased security, surveillance (Full interview on 'Fox News Sunday' video 12-27-15)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Can America Survive Obama's Pro-Muslim Bias?

Miami Emerges as Fertile Ground for Brazilian Babies

Iran Gets All Benefits Of Nuclear Deal Without Doing Anything

2016: Find Out What The 10 Biggest Income Tax Changes To Plan For Are In 2016

Ted Cruz Speech in Little Rock, Arkansas(Full video 12-23-15)

Ted Cruz Rally in Alabama (Full video 12-20-15)

Ben Carson reacts to drop in polls (Full CNN Interview (Full CNN interview 12-23-15)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Obama Promises Not To Defeat ISIS Before Leaving Office

Michelle Malkin: Marco Rubio Is The Darling Of Pro-Amnesty Power Brokers

Why I Decided To Buy A Handgun

Stingy Baghdad Harms the ISIS Fight

Ted Cruz Rally in Nashville TN (full video 12-22-15)

Mike Huckabee hammers GOP for caving on Omnibus Bill (full interview on 'America Trends' 12-23-15)

Jeb Bush on the state of the GOP race in 2016 (full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-23-15)

Marco Rubio Town Hall at VFW in Berlin, New Hampshire (full video 12-23-15)

Ben Carson Town Hall in Keene NH (full video 12-20-15)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cheer Up, Obama's Legacy Can Be Erased

ISIS 'steals THOUSANDS of blank passports' to flood Europe with killer Jihadis

Close Calls Between Drones, Planes On The Rise

USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings Week 17: Trump and Cruz Lead the Pack

Ted Cruz Rally in Georgia Field (Full video/interview 12-19-15)

Chris Christie on the 'Morning Joe' (2 video segments 12-22-15)

Mike Huckabee: Voters Angry Over Spending Bill (Full interview on 'Morning Joe' 12-23-15)

John Kasich Speaks At the Ohio Year Ender (Full video 12-23-15)

Jeb Bush: People latch onto Trump because of anger, angst (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-22-15)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Homeland Insecurity: How PC Rules The DHS

Jihad in America: Team Obama Belatedly Rules Chattanooga Shooting 'Terrorism'

Trump's Ceiling Is His Wallet

NFL, Don’t Be A Soft Target

Op-ed: A Politically Correct Christmas is NOT Christmas

Ted Cruz with John Fredericks (Full interview 12-17-15)

Marco Rubio: Clinton's ISIS answer scary, shows she's out of touch (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-22-15)

Chris Christie looks forward to the GOP race in 2016 (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-22-15)

Carly Fiorina: I've gone from 17th to 7th in GOP race (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 12-22-15)

Jeb Bush: My record as governor was better than Christie (Full interview on Fox Business 12-22-15)

Rick Santorum: Lindsey Graham accomplished what he wanted to (Full interview with Jenna Lee 12-21-15)

John Bolton on ‘what national sovereignty is all about’ (Full interview with Stuart Varney 12-22-15)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Terrorist Families See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Obama Commutes Nearly 100 Prisoners’ Sentences

You Can't Make This Crap Up: Iran Asks America To Help It Fight Terrorism

EU Leaders Agree to Extend Sanctions on Russia

Ted Cruz interview with Mark Steyn (Full interview 12-21-15)

Chris Christie: Hillary Clinton is 'Secretary Happy Talk' (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-21-15)

Marco Rubio: Democrats 'completely out of touch' on ISIS (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-21-15)

Rand Paul explains why he took aim at his GOP competitors (Full interview on 'The Kelly File' 12-21-15)

Rick Santorum on Muslims taking part in Christmas celebrations (Full interview with Stuart Varney 12-21-15)

Jeb Bush interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 12-20-15)

Carly Fiorina on regaining momentum in presidential campaign (Full interview with Chris Wallace 12-20-15)

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Warped World of our Delusional President

Trump Perfects The Art Of Flip

Team Obama poised to Lift Sanctions as early as January even as Iran Flouts Nuke Deal with Missile Tests

ObamaCare Becomes Unaffordable As It Shifts Costs To Patients

Op-ed: The 'Hillary Show'...So Not Worth Watching

Ted Cruz SPEECH At Rally in Daphne, AL (Full video 12-19-15)

Jeff Sessions: Ted Cruz was on my side to defeat the Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill (Full video 12-20-15)

Chris Christie: Hillary Clinton Is 'Mrs. Happy Talk' on ISIS (Full interview on ABC's 'This Week' 12-20-15)

Mike Huckabee gives his take on Democrat debate (Full interview with Tucker Carlson 12-20-15)

Sen. Rand Paul interview on CNN's 'State of the Union' (Full video 12-20-15)

Marco Rubio interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 12-20-15)

Ben Carson reacts to policies discussed at Democrat debate (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-20-15)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Young ILLEGALS Crossing The Border in Greater Numbers

Obama to Americans: Stay gullible, my friends

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Monkeys On Treadmill

OBAMACARE: State by State Data Show Bigger 2016 Exchange Premiums, Deductible Jumps

Ted Cruz Speaks at Campaign Rally in Mechanicsville, Virginia (Full video 12-18-15)

Ted Cruz News Conference in Mechanicsville, Virginia. (Full video 12-18-15)

Chris Christie Rally in New Hampshire (Full video 12-19-15)

Marco Rubio visits Joplin, MO (Full video 12-18-15)

Jeb Bush at Town Hall Meeting in Windham, New Hampshire (Full video segment 12-19-15)

Lindsey Graham Town Hall Meeting in Plaistow, New Hampshire (Full video 12-19-15)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Islamophobia Phobia: See Something, Say Something (Unless It's Muslim)

Trump Won The Debate? Only If You Ignore What He Said

Vladimir Putin’s Reign of Torture and Kidnapping in Ukraine

Europe Approves Tough New Data Protection Rules

Ted Cruz: Obama, Hillary, Dems out of touch with American people (Full UNCUT interview 'On the Record' 12-18-15)

Mike Huckabee: Failed Policies Made Syrians Refugees (Full interview on the 'Morning Joe' 12-17-15)

Political focus group asks Gov. Chris Christie questions (Full video 'Kelly File' 12-18-15)

Lindsey Graham Talks Social Security with AARP (video 12-17-15)

Marco Rubio: We need a 'top-down review' of our immigration system (Full interview with Jenna Lee 12-17-15)

Carly Fiorina: I would call tech companies to help defeat ISIS (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-17-15)

Friday, December 18, 2015

NOW WHAT? Iran's October Missile Test Violated U.N. Ban

Red Scare At Homeland Security

Travel Restrictions On Foreigners Advances Quickly In Congress

Pro-Ted Cruz Groups Are Poised to Spend

Op-ed: A Truth That Must Be Told

Ted Cruz: This is a nation at war (Full interview with Bret Baier 12-17-15)

Chris Christie on campaign: We're doing well at the right time (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 12-16-15)

Jeb Bush blasts Trump for not being a serious candidate (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-16-15)

Jack Welch: Ted Cruz is speaking the truth (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 12-16-15)

Marco Rubio on sparring with Ted Cruz over immigration (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 12-16-15)

Carly Fiorina blasts sexist tweet (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 12-16-15)

Ben Carson opens up about his dip in the 2016 polls (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 12-16-15)

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Scalia Was Right About Race Preferences

Bin Laden Chef, Freed From Gitmo, Cooking More Terrorism

300,000 cases of Chagas reported in U.S.

Christian female fighters take on the Islamic State in Syria

Ted Cruz talks ISIS, immigration and fifth GOP debate (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-16-15)

John Kasich talks about the energy on the debate stage (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-16-15)

Investigative Report Obama's Deal With the Devil...Part 3 of 3

Marco Rubio: Debate showed my 'fundamental differences' with Cruz (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 12-16-15)

Jeb Bush outlines why he should be president (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-16-15)

Rand Paul on Foreign Policy and Debate Performance (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 12-16-15)

Ben Carson sounds off about debating his opponents (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-16-15)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

How to Beat Islamic State

Krauthammer: Trump's Campaign Of Absurdities

USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: Cruz The New King in Week 16

Concealed-Carry Weapon Requests Jump

CNN GOP Presidential Evening Debate from Las Vegas (Full video 12-15-15)

CNN GOP Presidential Early Debate from Las Vegas (Full video 12-15-15)

Mike Huckabee: The presidency is not an entry-level job (Full interview on Fox Business 12-15-15)

Rand Paul focusing on immigration (Full interview with Gretchen Carlson 12-15-15)

Paul Ryan: I trust GOP primary voters to pick a good nominee (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 12-15-15)

Newt Gingrich's take: Terror takes center stage in 2016 race (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-15-15)

John Bolton: Obama is caught in an ideological trap of his own making (Full interview with Stuart Varney 12-15-15)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Bowe Bergdahl Case: Where Treason Won Out

Ted Cruz Consolidating Party’s Conservative Support

Investigative Report Obama's Deal With the Devil...Part 2 of 3

Rudolph W. Giuliani op-ed: Call Islamic Terrorism by Its Name

Some Of The Sickest States Show Healthy Gains While Others Still Lag

Mike Huckabee interview on CNN's 'The Lead' (Full video 12-14-15)

Marco Rubio lays out his immigration plan amid terror fears (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-14-15)

Ben Carson on shutting down ISIS (Full interview on 'Mornings with Maria' 12-14-15)

Lindsey Graham on future of NH Primary (Full interview on WMUR 12-14-15)

Newt Gingrich on 2016: It's 'healthy' for the US to get rattled (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-14-15)

Rick Perry talks 2016 (Full interview on 'Mornings with Maria' 12-14-15)

Pat Buchanan: GOP must respect anti-establishment vote (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 12-14-15)

Monday, December 14, 2015

It’s Too Easy for Terrorists

Ted Cruz: 'Destroy Islamic State,' avoid intervention (Includes Heritage Foundation Address 12-10-15)

Thousands of Cubans stranded en route to USA

EU Looks To Take Over Border Control

Investigative Report Obama's Deal With the Devil...Part 1 of 3

Ted Cruz interview on Breitbart News Daily (Full interview 12-11-15)

John Kasich interview on CBS's 'Face the Nation' (Full video 12-13-15)

Marco Rubio interview on NBC's 'Meet The Press' (Full video 12-13-15)

Ben Carson interview on ABC's 'This Week' (Full video 12-13-15)

Newt Gingrich: Cruz's strong Iowa strategy to shake up GOP race (Full interview on 'Fox & Friends' 12-13-15)

Black Pastors meet with Rand Paul (Full video 12-09-15)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Obama Strategy Focuses On Guns, Not Terrorism

Hillary Clinton: I Don't Need No Stinkin Congress

As Ted Cruz Rises in Polls, He Is Banking on the South

Congress: Bipartisan Bill Aims To Require Platforms To Report Online Terrorist Activity

Ted Cruz on the Mark Levin Show (Full interview 12-09-15)

Marco Rubio On the campaign trail with his older brother (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-11-15)

Rick Santorum reacts to Trump's proposal for Muslim ban (Full interview on Fox News 12-12-15)

Rand Paul's strategy for the war on terror (Full interview with Eric Bolling 12-11-15)

Lindsey Graham proposal authorizes broad military force against ISIS (Full interview on 'America's News HQ' 12-12-15)

Jeb Bush's strategy for protecting the homeland (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-11-15)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Memo To Obama: Please Stop Pretending To Know 'What ISIS Wants'

ILLEGALS Eligible for Up To Eight Refundable Tax Credits

Threatening Nuclear Weapons in Syria is Putin's Attempt to get Russia Treated like a Superpower Again

Supreme Court Hears Two Disputes That Could Shift More Power To Republicans

Ted Cruz: Obama believes American people are the 'bad guys' (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 12-10-15)

Marco Rubio: People are scared, Obama doesn't know what he's doing (Full interview 'On the Record' 12-11-15)

Ben Carson threatens to leave GOP: I won't be part of deception (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 12-11-15)

Rick Santorum to Carson: Now is the time to fight, not whine (Full interview 12-11-15)

Lindsey Graham: Gov't needs to probe terrorists' communications (Full interview with Martha MacCallum 12-10-15)

Rand Paul proposes ban on immigration from over 30 countries (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-10-15)

Bob Vander Plaats explains his decision to endorse Ted Cruz (Full interview with Neil Cavuto 12-10-15)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Democrats Talk Gun Control, Climate, Bullying, Anything But Terrorism

INVASION OF EUROPE: Time To Dig A LARGE HOLE-Menacing Migrants Demand ‘open borders or Die’ at Checkpoint

Iran Tests Another Mid-Range Ballistic Missile in Breach of UN Resolutions

CBO Report: 2 Million Jobs' Worth of Hours Lost Under ObamaCare

Op-ed: Another Benghazi Email...More Trouble for Obama and Crew

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Isis Papers: Leaked Documents Show How Isis is Building Its State

House Votes to Restrict Travel by Foreigners Who Visited Iraq, Syria

Clinton Plans $1 Tril In New Spending With No Way To Pay For It

Obamacare Repeal Bill: More Than Mere Symbolism

Ted Cruz explains how he would defeat ISIS (Full interview with Bill Hemmer 12-09-15)

Marco Rubio: Proposed Muslim ban violates the Constitution (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-08-15)

Op-ed: Not Backing Down and Rightfully So

Ben Carson slams 'false narrative' of refugee options (Full interview with Sean Hannity 12-08-15)

John Kasich Talks National Security at the Council On Foreign Relations (Full video 12-09-15)

Rand Paul: There should be more rules for who enters the U.S. (Full interview with Kennedy 12-09-15)

Jeb Bush Remarks at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire (Full video 12-09-15)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Obama's Watch: 7 Years, 7 Major Islamic Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil

UNTIL there is a Term that 'ILLEGALS' and their Supporters find MORE OFFENSIVE, 'ILLEGALS' will have to do!

INVASION OF EUROPE: The New Iron Curtains

5 Amazing Signs of Trouble for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz on the Mike Gallagher Show (Full interview 12-07-15)

Marco Rubio: Obama's response to terror has Americans scared (Full interview with Bret Baier 12-07-15)