Saturday, December 26, 2015

Obama Promises Not To Defeat ISIS Before Leaving Office

President Obama's interview with NPR grabbed a lot of attention because of his comments about Donald Trump. But his statements about ISIS were also noteworthy.
At one point in the interview, NPR's Steve Inskeep asked Obama what his advice would be to his successor.
After reiterating for the umpteenth time that his "strategy" against ISIS is working, Obama said, "Hopefully by the time I turn over the keys, we've made the kind of progress that I'm expecting."
What kind of progress is that?
"I think we will have made significant progress in degrading ISIL by then," he said.
Could Obama possibly set the bar any lower than that?
His other comments were hardly more reassuring.
On the attack in San Bernardino, Obama said, "It's something that we've known could happen for quite some time and ... something that we've got some incredibly effective intelligence folks working on every single day."
Really? Incredibly effective? Every single day? So how did they miss the terrorist couple under their noses?
Read the rest of this John Merline op-ed HERE.

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