Thursday, December 10, 2015

Clinton Plans $1 Tril In New Spending With No Way To Pay For It

Politics: Someone needs to remind Hillary Clinton that the federal government is running half-trillion dollar annual deficits and carrying $18.5 trillion in national debt.
The Democratic front-runner won great applause among unions and the construction lobby when she recently announced her support for a new $275 billion program for public works projects because of "the sorry state" of our infrastructure.
But didn't Barack Obama spend hundreds of billions of dollars on "shovel ready" projects as part of his stimulus program? There's no word yet from Clinton about what happened to all that money or how she'll pay for the new bricks and mortar. She is, after all, still promising not to raise taxes on families who earn less than $250,000.
That promise looks more improbable in view of all the other programs Clinton wants to throw money at.
Rival Bernie Sanders continues to pull her to the left, and so the cost of her "free" agenda keeps escalating.
By our estimates, the running total tops $1 trillion, including both the direct tab to taxpayers and the mandated costs on employers. A quick tally:
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