Thursday, December 31, 2015

What's Not To Like? Ted Cruz Loved in Iowa, Loathed in D.C.

Gap in perception fuels Texas senator’s 2016 outsider strategy
Sen. Ted Cruz is getting rock-star treatment at his 2016 presidential-campaign events. In Iowa, the state he has visited more than any other, a recent poll found more Republicans viewed him favorably than any other GOP candidate.
We Don't Like Ted! He's Not A Team Player
Among his fellow senators, by contrast, he is one of the most disliked men in Washington. He has been called “wacko bird,” “jackass” and “false prophet.” And that came from Republicans.
The gap between his reputation in Washington and his reception among primary voters isn’t a paradox. It is central to his campaign strategy.
With the GOP electorate riddled with disdain for the political establishment, Mr. Cruz relishes his reputation as the bad boy of the Senate, where he has dragged his party into a government-shuttering budget fight and defied party leaders ever since arriving on Capitol Hill in 2013.
“When we launched our campaign, the New York Times promptly opined, ‘Cruz cannot win because the Washington elites despise him,’ ” he said in a video ad created by a super PAC supporting him. “I kinda thought that was the whole point of the campaign.”
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