Friday, December 11, 2015

INVASION OF EUROPE: Time To Dig A LARGE HOLE-Menacing Migrants Demand ‘open borders or Die’ at Checkpoint

If they're going to Off themselves, maybe they can coaxed into doing it in an efficient manner ... At the edge of a large hole.
MIGRANTS attempting to march across Europe have been waving placards saying ‘open or die’ after being stopped by closed borders and barbed wire.
A group of men waving the menacing home-made banner grew angry as they were stopped in their tracks at the border between Macedonia and Greece.
Migrants become angry at the checkpoint
Macedonia is the latest country to erect a border fence.
The tiny, landlocked state has begun building a fence along its border with Greece, blocking a key transit route for migrants travelling from Turkey to northern and western Europe.
Macedonia insists it will allow those fleeing war-zones to continue to pass through, meaning people fleeing from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq can continue to cross.
Migrants clash with police
The UK is well-known to feature among the most favoured destinations for migrants from Africa and the Middle East because of Britain’s extensive benefits system and ready availability of work.
But many others, including Iranians, Moroccans, Pakistanis and Eritreans will have their journey’s halted.
The group clashed with authorities after being told they could not pass through the border.
Police stand firm as migrants surge
Greek riot police struggled to maintain order and at least two people were injured on Thursday at the border as hundreds of people rejected by Macedonia clashed with the Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis who have been given the green light to cross the border.
Despite using tear gas, 150 riot police on the Greek side near the village of Idomeni failed to budge a small group of mainly Iranian migrants - some holding small children - who set up barricades to prevent refugees from entering Macedonia.
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