Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ted Cruz Consolidating Party’s Conservative Support

Sen. Ted Cruz has surged in the 2016 GOP presidential primary contest, consolidating support from the party’s most conservative voters and emerging as a leading alternative to businessman Donald Trump, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.
The latest poll, coming after a tumultuous month of international and domestic terrorism, found Mr. Trump tops in the GOP field, with Mr. Cruz in second place. The Texas senator appears to be benefiting from the sharp decline in support for Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who led the pack in Journal/NBC News polling six weeks earlier.
The poll also showed a substantial lead for Hillary Clinton over her main rival for the Democratic nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders, although the gap has narrowed.
Until recently, Messrs. Trump and Cruz have refrained from attacking each other, saving their barbs for other rivals in the crowded Republican field. But with a separate poll showing Mr. Cruz rising to first place among likely Republican caucusgoers in Iowa, he has increasingly come under direct and pointed attack from Mr. Trump, suggesting a messy new chapter in the GOP campaign on the eve of a nationally televised debate from Las Vegas on Tuesday night.
... Mr. Trump had 27% support among Republican primary voters in the new Journal/NBC News survey, his highest showing in that poll this year and an increase from 23% in late October.
But the biggest mover was Mr. Cruz, who had 22% support, up from 10% in late October and a boost strong enough to lift him to the poll’s No. 2 spot for the first time since the campaign began. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida placed third in the survey, with 15% support.
Mr. Carson fell from 29% support in late October to a fourth-place showing of 11% in the new survey. ...
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Barley Wheets said...

If Cruz is the true Christian he CLAIMS to be then, he will gracefully back out of this race that he legally is NOT qualified for . He would be just as big a FRAUD as the treasonous obama. The Bible tells us to OBEY the LAWS of the land unless they conflict with the laws of GOD. So CRUZ according to the BIBLE must OBEY the USA Constitution. He was born IN Canada His daddy was a Cuban citizen when he was born. He held DUAL citizenship until 2014. He is a naturalized citizen NOT ‘natural born’ as our Constitution REQUIRES. OBEY the USA Constitution., The Law of the land.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, James F. Wilson of Iowa, confirmed this in 1866: “We must depend on the general law relating to subjects and citizens recognized by all nations for a definition, and that must lead us to the conclusion that every person born in the United States is a natural-born citizen of such States, except that of children born on our soil to temporary sojourners or representatives of foreign Governments.”*
When a child inherits the citizenship of their father, they become a natural-born citizen of the nation their father belongs regardless of where they might be born. It should be pointed out that citizenship through descent of the father was recognized by U.S. Naturalization law whereby children became citizens themselves as soon as their father had become a naturalized citizen, or were born in another country to a citizen father. BOTH PARENTS must have been U.S. CITIZENS AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH in order for a Presidential hopeful to qualify as a "natural born citizen" under our U.S. Constitution!! Natural born" is VERY different from any other category of citizenship, i.e. "native born", "naturalized", or "citizen by statute".
Yes, birth is prima facie evidence of citizenship, but only the citizenship of the nation the father is a member.

Below is part of the discussion of the Congress of 1866 which wrote and passed the 14th Amendment, and according to the intent of the framers of that Amendment, which is the “Law of the Land”, as democrats like to say, neither Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jindal, Santorum and even Mitt Romney, are not eligible to be President of the United States, according to the terms set forth in Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution which requires a President to be a “natural born citizen”. The left will argue that the courts make the law, but as we all know, it is the legislatures that write laws, the courts affirm their Constitutionality, and the executive, executes those laws. The fathers of all of the above, were not citizens of the United States at the time of the births of their sons, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject, and never applied for U.S. citizenship. Ted Cruz was born in Canada, and his father was still a Cuban citizen at the time of his birth, Marco Rubio’s father never applied for U.S. citizenship until 1997, and George Romney was born in Mexico, to parents who had relinquished their U.S. citizenship, and therefore George Romney was a Mexican citizen by birth and was never naturalized, which means that Mitt Romney is a Mexican citizen by birth. We cannot ignore the intent of the framers of the 14th Amendment because Obama was elected, and now seek to elect another ineligible candidate to compensate. We must as Americans. elect only “natural born citizens” to be President. We cannot have a President with a dual allegiance! Obama has proven this detrimental to the welfare and propriety of the United States of America.

Barley Wheets said...

Remember Ross Perot? When a potential president goes against the corrupt status quo of the ‘good ole boys’ in Congress they start playing dirty.
Perot stated the reason he had to back out of the Presidential run because he received threats that digitally altered photographs would be released by the Bush campaign to sabotage his daughter's wedding. Whatever his reasons for withdrawing, his reputation was badly damaged. He said that Republican operatives had wanted to reveal compromising photographs of his daughter, which would disrupt her wedding, and he wanted to spare her from embarrassment. One common explanation for the decline was Perot's exclusion from the presidential debates, based on the preferences of the Democratic and Republican party candidates. Jamin B. Raskin of Open Debates filed a lawsuit on Perot's behalf on this assumption!
Now the Republican and Democratic parties & GOP, Ryan, John are going against another man that doesn’t meet their status quo. CONGRESS Knows that IF Trump was to win the Presidency that they WON’T be able to control him and lead him around by his nose ring as they have done the last who knows number of Presidents. They know that many of them will be brought up on criminal charges for their corruptness in the government. So of course they are going LIE, connive and yes possibly even murder Trump to keep him from winning!

Dr. Spock said...

Well according to you, Trump who is a Martian would also be disqualified.

If Cruz is not Qualified (BULLSHIT!) then he won't be allowed to run or take the oath. IF he is being allowed to run and take the oath if elected, HE IS OBVIOUSLY QUALIFIED!