Saturday, December 19, 2015

Trump Won The Debate? Only If You Ignore What He Said

National Security: At one point in the GOP debate, Jeb Bush said Donald Trump gets his foreign policy information from Sunday talk shows. We're beginning to think Jeb's right, which is a serious problem in today's world.
Whatever their political viewpoint, open-minded viewers watching the debate could not help but come away impressed with the GOP field.
For more than two hours, they engaged in serious, sober and lengthy discussions about how to deal with Syria, ISIS, Russia, Iran and domestic terrorism. Yes, there are clear differences of opinion among the candidates — particularly Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul — which is precisely what a healthy, broad-based party should have.
For the most part, everyone showed a depth of knowledge on national security matters that the country desperately needs after seven years of President Obama's disasters. With one notable exception.
While several pundits declared Trump the debate's winner, all he managed to demonstrate in the few times he spoke up was that, on foreign policy, he still hasn't progressed beyond bromides and bombast. Even Ben Carson, who has been tagged as a foreign policy lightweight, came across as more knowledgeable.
Case in point: After Carson talked about the urgent need to modernize our aging nuclear forces on land, in the air and at sea, Hugh Hewitt asked Trump about the nation's "nuclear triad."
Even though Hewitt spelled out in his question what "triad" means, Trump clearly had no idea what Hewitt was talking about. Instead, he rambled on about his opposition to the Iraq War, about Obama's obsession with global warming and about nuclear proliferation.
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