Saturday, December 19, 2015

Islamophobia Phobia: See Something, Say Something (Unless It's Muslim)

PC: A key lesson from the San Bernardino terrorism — that fear of racial profiling comes at the expense of security — already is lost on this regime and the media. They're back shaming those who hold Muslims in "suspicion."
Fourteen lives could have been saved if neighbors had reported the suspicious behavior that they witnessed involving a local Muslim family. But they didn't say anything for fear of being called racist.
One neighbor reported "suspicious activity" at terrorist Syed Farook's home before the attack but kept it to herself because she "didn't want to profile."
A contractor working in the same neighborhood witnessed "six Middle Eastern guys" going in and out of the home: "We sat around thinking, what are those guys doing in this neighborhood?" But they decided not to alert authorities, either, because they "didn't want to be seen as racially profiling."
If they'd said something, perhaps authorities could have obtained a search warrant, discovered the weapons and bombs, and disrupted the terror plot.
That all this suspicion amounted to nothing shows the success of the campaign by Muslim grievance groups and the left to stigmatize as "Islamophobes" anyone who connects Muslims to terrorism.
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Larry A. Singleton said...

Read Islamophobia: thought crime of the totalitarian future by Horowitz and Spencer.