Saturday, December 12, 2015

Memo To Obama: Please Stop Pretending To Know 'What ISIS Wants'

Four times in his Sunday night address to the nation, President Obama explained that he wouldn't take this or that course of action because it's just what ISIS — or as he calls it, ISIL — wants.
We can't depend on tough talk, he said, because "that's what groups like ISIL are hoping for."
Send ground troops into Syria? "That's just what groups like ISIL want."
We can't let the fight be a war of America and Islam because "that, too, is what groups like ISIL want."
We can't target Muslims in the U.S. for added scrutiny because it "plays into the hands of groups like ISIL."
It's become a favorite line of argument among other Democrats, as well. Hillary Clinton said over the weekend that "Declaring war on Islam ... plays right into the hands of the terrorists."
The problem is that there is no evidence to support such warnings and plenty to refute them.
After all, for the past seven years, Obama pursued what he thought "groups like ISIL" would not want.
Read the rest of this John Merline op-ed HERE.

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