Tuesday, December 1, 2015

From The South, A New Migrant Tide

Cuban immigrants in Costa Rica are blocked from entering 
Nicaragua on Nov 16, 2015.
Immigration: Most Americans don't know it, but Cuba and its Latin American enablers are conspiring to create a ratline for unchecked immigration into the U.S. Only Nicaragua is throwing a monkey wrench into the scheme.
That would be wretched, far-left Nicaragua. In any normal nation, leaders would be ashamed if large numbers of their nationals found the country they live in so unbearable, their only wish is to leave.
Not so Cuba. It lies about its colossal socialist failures and blames it all on Uncle Sam. Now there are signs the communist country is encouraging great waves of Cubans to illegally migrate to America.
It's the same cynical game the Mexican, Honduran and Salvadoran governments have played over the decades — encouraging illegal immigration to the U.S. to keep potential troublemakers from demanding reforms at home.
Now a humanitarian crisis is brewing. Thousands of Cubans have amassed on Nicaragua's border, desperate to get to America. They're doing so because they fear the wetfoot-dryfoot instant-asylum rule for Cubans will soon end as a result of President Obama's new era of warm ties with the communist island.
That fear has drawn thousands of Cubans not to the open sea, as in the past, but through two continents on an eight-nation trek into the U.S. — and its vast welfare benefits that begin kicking in as soon as they get here.
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