Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Obama Commutes Nearly 100 Prisoners’ Sentences

End-of-year clemency grants are mostly for drug-related offenses
In his most expansive use of clemency power to date, President Barack Obama issued 95 commutations and two pardons on Friday.
The flurry of end-of-year clemency grants are mostly for drug-related offenses. Forty of the inmates granted clemency by Mr. Obama were serving life sentences, mostly for crimes tied to cocaine. The announcement was released just ahead of Mr. Obama’s final news conference of the year.
The expanded use of clemency by Mr. Obama is the culmination of a year of focus on criminal justice issues, particularly. Mr. Obama has granted clemency to 165 inmates this year.
He became the first sitting president to visit a federal prison in July, and he has backed a bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill to reduce the size of the nation’s prison population by reducing some sentences for drug crimes.
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