Monday, December 21, 2015

ObamaCare Becomes Unaffordable As It Shifts Costs To Patients

If you think you've never spent so much for health insurance since ObamaCare made health care "affordable," you're right. Health insurance premiums are going up quickly, and insurers have taken a number of steps, both visible and less so, to try to mitigate steep premium increases. But that often means patients are paying more out of their own pockets — a lot more.
One of the insurers' more visible attempts to lower premiums is to offer policies with very high deductibles.
Healthpocket, a technology company that compares health plans, reports that the average 2016 deductible for a Silver plan, the most popular in ObamaCare health insurance exchanges, is $3,117 for an individual, and $6,480 for a family.
For the Bronze plan, which is popular with people who do not get any government subsidy, the average deductible is $5,731 for an individual, and $11,601 for a family.
Democrats used to complain that high-deductible plans allowed "greedy insurers" to take premiums while avoiding paying claims. Indeed, high-deductible policies were what President Obama had in mind when he railed against "junk insurance."
Now extremely high deductibles are the hallmark of the Democrats' health care law.
But there are more subtle ways insurers are shifting costs to patients that most people may not recognize — until they get the bill.
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