Sunday, December 6, 2015

OBAMAmess: Why ObamaCare Deductibles Are Indefensible

Here's a joke that liberals might appreciate: Why are Republicans so adamantly opposed to the individual mandate? Answer: Because Republicans would never force anybody to buy the kind of coverage that they want to provide.
It's meant to be funny, but there's an element of truth to it — and that's not intended as criticism.
Sometimes high deductibles make sense. As Bloomberg View columnist Megan McArdle notes, health insurance that people rely on to pay most routine medical bills — as well as to cover emergencies like a trip to the hospital — is more of a prepayment plan than insurance against the unexpected.
"If ObamaCare forces people away from 'first dollar' coverage with low or no deductible, and toward plans that cover people only for unanticipated emergencies, that would be a win for economic logic," McArdle writes.
Very-high-deductible plans may not be well-suited to people with low incomes or expensive chronic conditions, but young and healthy people who are trying to save up to get married and start a family, for example, should have an option to select a lower-premium, high-deductible plan.
So, if high-deductible plans are a reasonable way of making health insurance more affordable to people who don't expect much in medical expenses, what exactly makes ObamaCare's high deductibles "indefensible," as the headline of this piece suggests?
Read the rest of this Jed Graham op-ed HERE to find out

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