Wednesday, December 9, 2015

5 Amazing Signs of Trouble for Donald Trump

By now, you've probably heard that the newest Quinnipiac National poll still has Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton well ahead of any others in their respective party primary competitions. So much for the obvious horse-race stuff.
But two months out from any primary voting and just 12 days before the next GOP debate, here are a few revealing details from inside the poll that you've likely not heard. Many should be disturbing to Trump and his feverish supporters:
In a hypothetical match-up, even socialist Bernie Sanders decisively tops the long-time Republican front-runner 49% to 41%. Clinton also easily defeats Trump, though not by as much, 47%-41%, according to Quinnipiac's 1,453 registered voters.
Marco Rubio comes the closest to match Clinton, 44% to 45%.
Of all candidates in both parties, Sanders tops the list for favorable ratings with 44% and the lowest unfavorables 31%. Trump is viewed favorably by only 35% and unfavorably by 57%, the largest gap. Clinton's gap is seven points, 44% to 51% unfavorable.
A major trouble sign for Trump: About six-in-ten voters find both him and Clinton dishonest and untrustworthy.
More than two-in-three voters say Clinton has the right experience to become president. Trump doesn't. He draws barely half that, 34%, believing his bumpy real estate career is the right resume become commander-in-chief.
Read the rest of this Andrew Malcolm op-ed HERE.

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