Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Krauthammer: Trump's Campaign Of Absurdities

So how exactly does this work, Donald Trump's plan to keep America safe from Islamic terrorism by barring entry to all Muslims?
He explained it Tuesday on TV. The immigration official will ask the foreigner if he's a Muslim. "And if they said, 'yes,' they would not be allowed in the country?" Trump: "That's correct."
Brilliant. And very economical. That is, if you think that bloodthirsty terrorists — "people that believe only in Jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life," as Trump describes them — will feel honor-bound to tell the truth to an infidel immigration officer.
They kill wantonly but, like George Washington, cannot tell a lie. On this logic hinges the great Maginot Line with which Trump will protect America from jihad.
I decline to join the chorus denouncing the Trump proposal as offensive and un-American. That's too obvious. What I can't get over is its sheer absurdity.
Here's a suggestion (borrowed from my Fox News colleague Chris Stirewalt) to shore it up. At every immigration station at every airport in America, we will demand that every potential entrant — immigrant, refugee, student or tourist — eat a bacon sandwich. You refuse? Back home you go!
True, the Stirewalt Solution casts the net a bit wide, snaring innocent vegetarians and Orthodox Jews. But hey, as Trump said Tuesday, "We're at war — get it through your head." Can't get squeamish about collateral damage.
Read the rest of Krauthammer's op-ed HERE.

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