Monday, December 28, 2015

Donald Trump's Praise For Putin Shows His Ego Is A Security Risk

Election '16: Donald Trump returning praise for Russian ruler Vladimir Putin is yet another disqualification for the GOP front-runner. A commander in chief so susceptible to flattery would be a security risk.
In P.G. Wodehouse's comic novel, "The Code of the Woosters," the eponymous code dictated that dunderhead Bertie Wooster might have ended up marrying a girl against his will so as not to appear unchivalrous.
Separated At Birth
"The Code of the Trumps" apparently demands that anyone — even a murderous tyrant — who compliments The Donald immediately gets complimented back.
Flattery will get you everywhere, even if you're an imperialist adversary of the U.S., exploiting President Obama's Mideast power vacuum and seeking to return Russia to global superpower status.
Trump considers it "a great honor" that Putin called him "bright" and "talented without doubt" and considers the casino mogul "the absolute leader of the presidential race." On ABC's "This Week," Trump remarked that "Obama doesn't get along with Putin... . Putin can't stand our president, and it's causing us difficulty.''
But it isn't that Putin isn't happy about Obama being president; how could he not be happy, since it's let him, forgive the pun, trump America in the most strategically important region of the world?
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