Sunday, December 20, 2015

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Monkeys On Treadmill

Imagine for a moment what would be the most absurd thing that the federal government could spend taxpayers' money on. Done? Whatever the imagination wrought, no matter how bizarre, silly or perverted, is no match for reality. There is no madness like that found in Washington.
CLICK HERE to Open Sen. Jeff Flake's 'WASTEBOOK'
Think about it: Who would spend $1 million on a program to put monkeys on a treadmill? (It was a NordicTrack, for those wondering.) Or even entertain the idea at all? Who would shell out $1.2 million to study the effects of microgravity on sheep? (Treadmills were involved here, too.) Or $5 million for ultimate tailgating? (Participants received a koozie and an apron to keep sauce off their jeans.)
A reasonable person would never consider spending other people's money on such nonsense. Yet those are just three of roughly 100 spending items found in "Wastebook 2015," a report on wasteful federal spending, compiled by the office of Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.
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