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Photo of the Day

The Right Fight

Romney and Obama to Meet in White House

I'm FED UP with those who say Romney didn't relate with the average person

Chris Christie is riding a popularity wave

The Government forces Intrade to close their service to U.S. Cusomers

Sen Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) not impressed after meeting with Amb Rice

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) interview on WTOP's 'Ask The Governor (Full Interview 11-27-12)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Real Cause for Shock

Outrage Over Rumors

What will the Government want Next.....Maybe your 401(K)/IRA?

Libtard twitter sheepies pounce on false rumor about Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

Obama Claus warns Republicans not to spoil Christmas

Marco Rubio speaks at Rally For Israel in Miami, FL (Full video 11-27-12)

Rand Paul is pessimistic about Republican's resolve to not raise taxes and cut spending in avoiding the fiscal cliff (Full video 11-26-12)

Grover Norquist on resistance to his Anti-Tax Pledge (Full interview 11-26-12)

Gov Scott Walker (R-WI) and Gov Bob McDonnell (R-VA) talk about Obamacare Insurance exchanges challenges (Full Interviews)

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Romney Campaign's Latest Scapegoat: Chris Christie

Those on Disability payments hit an all time high

Hold off the Coffee: This story is guaranteed to WAKE YOU UP!

If it's not the Atheists, It's the Unions: Bad vibes during the Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas seasons

Sen Rob Portman (R-OH) Post-Election Analysis and future of the Republican Party (Video 11-13-12)

Rick Santorum refects on the 2012 election and the Republican Party (Full Video 11-15-12)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Government Bloat Matters

Post-Election Photo of Romney Pumping Gas Emerges

Bleak Economic News: U.S. Companies Cut Spending Plans Amid Fiscal and Economic Uncertainty

Is Gaza Israel's "Warm-Up" for War with Iran?

More Broken Promises: President Obama promised veteran's they'd get the care they need...many are still waiting

Have you ever heard of the DTCC?

Tim Pawlenty discusses the Fiscal Cliff (Full Video 11-18-12)

Bill O'Reilly Talking Points: Mitt Romney's loss, the liberal Media, and the Romney bashers. (Full Video 11-19-12)

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LA Times: Sarah Palin For President in '16

This is one of the 61 million plus reasons America is going broke...

The new Death Tax increases means the Death for many family owned businesses, ranches and farms

Allen West's Florida recount creates more questions

Israel & Gaza Conflict update (VIDEO updates 11-18-12)

Rep Steve King (R-IA) on the election: ‘Santa Claus versus personal responsibility’

Sen Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) delivers this week's Republican address (Full Video 11-17-12)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Romney Advisor: The Far Right Doomed Romney, and Romney Hurt Himself With Immigrants

Can 17 States determine who our next President is?

Electors in the Electoral College MUST VOTE for who wins there state?...FALSE!!!
In theory, this is true. In practice, however, electors may vote for whomever they please, and on rare occasions, they do. In a tight election, such behavior might deny either candidate a majority of the electoral vote and throw the election into the House of Representatives.
Which brings me to THIS:
According to Article II of the U.S. Constitution AND the 12th Amendment – if 1/3rd of the States do not cast their votes in the Electoral College — then the matter falls onto the House of Representatives to choose the President.
In other words — if we pressure Congressmen, State Party Officials, and groups such as Tea Party Patriots, Heritage Foundation, etc., to call on RED States to NOT have their Electors cast their vote — then the House of Reps CAN choose the next President!!!!!
read the whole story HERE.

Any Thoughts?

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The Lion's Den... 11/18/2012

Hello  everyone, today I'd like to look at the history and possibility of a third party in the US. As some of you know, I was talking about this during the summer. With the stunning defeat of the GOP & Mitt Romney, now is the time to re-examine the issue. So, here we go; first, let's look at some history.
To the chart provided by Martin Armstrong (click to enlarge):
Armstrong opines in his blogpost, Obama Wins:
"Our [cyclic] model has long shown the rise of the Democrats as we go into this economic turmoil as the Republicans have been captured by the Religious Right injecting religion into law and politics. This is very wrong for what if the majority became Shiite Muslim? Would it justified to them order all women to be clothed based upon what the majority believes at any one point in time? There should be a FULL separation of church and state. Socrates was put to death for questioning the gods.
The real issue is the rising class warfare. This is the nastiest election perhaps in American history. It is the Democrats blaming the “super rich” (income greater than $125,000 per person) for all their failures of Marxist economic promises. They will never blame their unfunded promises. They will never blame themselves for throwing Social Security funds in the same pocket as everything else causing the lack of segregation to undermine the entire future of the World Economy. These are not sinister things that the rich have done – this is failed promises from politicians.

The Democrats won because they are the ones that have empowered the majority to vote to themselves the assets of the minority. This has been the Marxist Agenda that started to blow up with Communism in 1989 and should conclude with the collapse of Socialism in the West come 2016. It is 2016 that should be the first opportunity for a third party rising in the United States.

The THIRD PARTY should emerge from the middle ground of economics. The Republicans will become the party of the religious right and they will decline further missing the entire point that this is about surviving as a nation rather than abortion and gay rights. Therefore, we should see the rise in THIRD PARTY activity going into the 2016 election. The economy will peak again 2015.75 and turn down really hard. This should seriously damage the Democrats as their false promises collapse. The Republicans have to return to the economic agenda of Reagan and abandon the Religious Right agenda that has no place in politics."

I think he's correct on his thesis and I opined in the previous Lion's Den that the GOP needs to become the "fiscal conservative" party.  I believe the GOP must move beyond the religious right focus, the failed promises of its RINO "bi-partisan" politicians, not properly addressing the rising class warfare, and shift the "fiscal conservative" agenda to the economy, growth, and sound money.  If the GOP fails again in 2014, the stage is set for a "can do" new conservative party in 2016.

It's past time to clean sweep the DIMWITS out and bring in a whole new team with a dedicated fiscal conservative message. Remember this slogan: "it's the economy, stupid!" Let's get going!

Union blocks civilian police physical fitness standards at Andrews Air Force Base

The nation’s largest federal employee union has blocked the U.S. Air Force from implementing basic fitness standards for civilian police officers at Joint Base Andrews, home to Air Force One. 
The 1401 Chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) objected to new fitness standards ordered by the Department of Defense (DOD) in April 2012 because base officials did not consult the labor group before implementing the rule. The chapter comprises a small portion of the union’s 600,000 national members and represents police officers on the base.
The full story is HERE.

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Marco Rubio speech at fundraiser birthday party for Iowa Gov Terry Branstad (Full Video 11-17-12)

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Republican Governors to DC: You set up Obamacare health care exchanges..we're not.

Several Republican governors, in what could be their last symbolic stand against ObamaCare, announced Friday that they will not set up a state-based marketplace for selling health insurance. 
A total of 20 states have now decided not to implement their own exchanges -- which could also mean increased costs for the federal government. 
The governors' move does not stop those exchanges from being implemented. Rather, it kicks the project back to the federal government to run with regard to those states. While a number of states, largely those run by Democrats, will establish their own exchanges, Republicans who declined argued that it wasn't worth the cost and resources to set up a marketplace that would be under the thumb of the federal government anyway.
Read the full story HERE and a related video below:

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Israel pounds Gaza strip with 200+ Airstrikes

Fox News correspondent David Lee Miller was reporting near the Israel-Gaza border where the situation is escalating. During the last several hours, Israel has continued to pound the Gaza Strip with more than 200 airstrikes. Among the targets were smuggling tunnels, the Hamas prime minister’s office and a police station. 
The death toll has reached 45 Palestinians killed and at least 350 wounded. So far, three Israelis have been killed. In the past 24 hours, dozens of rockets have been fired into Israel. A newly installed missile defense system, the Iron Dome, shot down the rocket aimed at Tel Aviv. It has about an 85 percent success rate.
The full story is HERE and related video below:

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hey Sammy...When you slipped team Obama $1 Million for his re-election campaign, did you expect this?

If Bush 1 or 2, Reagan, or even Clinton were still President would we be reading headlines like this?

Liberated Iraq calls on Arab states to use oil as 'weapon' against U.S.:
"Iraq will invite (Arab) ministers to use the weapon of oil, with the aim of asserting real pressure on the United States and whoever stands with Israel," Qais al-Azzawy told reporters in Cairo on Friday.
The answer is NO! Because Iraq would have known ahead of time that these Presidents would not have stood for it.

I can imagine President Reagan on the phone now with his Iraqi counterpart...."What do you mean, YOUR OIL?....."

I wonder what President Obama's response to this will be (IF ANY)? Somewhere in it I'm sure they'll be an apology.

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Israel on the Brink of War: Mobilization of 75,000 reserve troops are in the works

Defense Minister Ehud Barak sought government approval on Friday to mobilize up to 75,000 reserve troops for Israel’s Gaza campaign, political sources said, in a sign of preparations for a possible ground offensive. 
The sources, speaking after Palestinian rockets were fired at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, said ministers were being polled by telephone by the cabinet secretary to approve the call-up.
The full story is HERE and a related video below:

Here is a report on the ground from Fox News Leland Vittert:

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Reaction to General Petraeus’ Benghazi testimony from Sen Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Rep Peter King (R-NY) (Full Interviews 11-16-12)

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Fiscal Cliff: Congressional leaders comment on Meeting with President Obama

For the first time in months, Congressional leaders from both parties visited the White House to meet with Pres. Obama and begin discussions on the "fiscal cliff". President Obama made this statement to the press as the meeting got underway:

Here are the reactions (POST-Meeting):


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Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo of the Day: Death of an American Icon

May you rest in piece my friend. You gave comfort, when there was none to be found. You made me smile when there was nothing to smile about.

WHO KNEW that your union bakers would rather lose their jobs than to keep you alive. They chose to become takers rather than to stay makers. A casualty of the mentality that permeates the political ideology we now live in and are governed by.

Rest in Peace and know with this won't be alone for long.
"18,500 people had jobs yesterday and knew they weren't going to have jobs anymore when they woke up today,"
Please leave your condolences in the supplied comment section.

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My Theory On Romney's Troubling Defeat Has Evolved

Thank you for all of your interesting responses to my "Why Romney Lost" post. As I was compiling the quotes, I thought I had it all figured out. I still believe that Romney lost due to millions of Republicans failing to show up to the polls, but my theory as to why they stayed home has evolved over the past 24 hours.

From the time I had first read that Romney-Ryan had actually received fewer votes than McCain-Palin, my knee-jerk reaction was that millions of conservatives stayed home due to the belief that Romney is a flip-flopping RINO, because....well, he is. Although a few voters may cite this as the reason they didn't vote, I no longer believe this to be the reason Romney lost the election.

There is no love lost for Obama among highly informed conservatives. They know the potential ramifications of a second term. I have a difficult time believing that a significant number of this group of voters would pass at the chance to remove him from office. We have seen plenty of evidence of this with very vocal critics of Romney lining up to support the GOP ticket.  I know several people, personally, who have never warmed to Romney, yet they all showed up to the polls to vote for him last Tuesday.

I believe the focus should be on the low-information individuals in the party. These are historically unreliable voters. They get their news from the major networks and word of mouth. They are more likely to be influenced by the fallout from Romney's "47%" comments, news about the mansion he's building in California (complete with a car elevator), and his perceived aloof attitude towards "ordinary" folks like you and me. I believe this group makes up the majority of the 3-5 million McCain-Palin voters who stayed home last week.

An argument can be made that Romney was repeatedly mischaracterized by Team Obama and the biased mainstream media. To a certain extent, that's true, but isn't it the job of the candidate to break through, and get their message out?

In conclusion, Romney did not lose due to demographics. Romney did not lose because of Todd Akin. Romney did not lose because of Rush Limbaugh. Romney did not lose because he's a "RINO." And Romney did not lose because people want free birth control or "gifts," as Romney claims. The bottom line is that Romney did not provide a compelling enough argument for his candidacy to get the low-information Republicans to the polls.

Will Twinkies go the way of the Dodo Bird?

It's looking like 18,000 workers would rather have no jobs than to come to an agreement with their employer Hostess Cakes:

Times UP?
Northwood Hostess workers continue to strike despite the passage of a deadline given by the company. The company told employees if they did not return to work by 5 p.m. Thursday, it will go into liquidation and completely shut down across the country.
Workers have been on strike since Friday and have camped out with bonfires and signs, chanting the slogan, "no dough no bread." According to the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, a total of 24 Hostess production facilities are on strike or honoring the strike with picket lines. Additionally, BCTGM members at one transport facility are on strike. 
Workers say they do not want to see the company go bankrupt, but are upset over 8 percent pay cuts, 20 percent increased health care costs and pension plans in place. They put the blame on management saying top leaders got 300 percent pay increases, while their pay got slashed. Workers also feel the company does not guarantee them an eight-hour work day. (emphasis mine: I wonder how many voted for Obama?)
Read the full story HERE.

Of Note: Growing up, these were my favorite:

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Israel is through giving warnings over rocket attacks on their citizens

Israel bombed rocket launching sites, weapons depots and other locations in the Gaza Strip for a second day on Thursday, as rocket fire from the Palestinian territory continued unabated and the death toll on both sides of the border rose to at least 18, officials said. 
The violence — by far the most intense since Israel’s invasion of Gaza nearly four years ago — drew condemnation from countries around the globe, with the United States denouncing the Palestinian militant group Hamas for firing rockets on civilian targets in Israel, and Middle Eastern leaders focusing their ire on the Jewish state.
Speaking on Israeli television, Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, Israel’s chief military spokesman, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “has given the chief of staff approval to widen the operation” as planned. “A very, very intensive night is expected in Gaza,” he warned. “It will not be a quiet night for the terrorists in Gaza.”
The full story is HERE and related videos below:

Israeli Defense Minister Orders Call-Up of Reservists as Border Violence Escalates:

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Was Petraeus pushed out over wanting to defend CIA over Benghazi?

We now may be finding out why General Petraeus was being investigated. Insurance perhaps for if/when team Obama didn't like what he MIGHT say.
A few days ago, one report on l’affaire Petraeus had CIA Director David Petraeus thinking that he would survive the exposure of an extramarital sexual relationship with his biographer Paula Broadwell. That idea received a round of mirthful derision, but a new report about Petraeus’ last days at the CIA suggests that his resignation had a lot less to do with sexual and e-mail indiscretions than first thought, too. The Wall Street Journal’s look at the fall of Petraeus focuses on the singular and noteworthy CIA timeline issued to defend itself in the debate over the terrorist attack in Benghazi, and suggests that the Obama administration wanted Petraeus out because of it..
Read the rest HERE with related videos below:

Fox News:

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Senate Intel Vice Chair Saxby Chambliss: ‘It Was Very Clear From Day One This Was a Terrorist Attack’

Chambliss had this to say after today's Hearings on Benghazi:

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Sen Tom Coburn (R-OK) offers specific cuts to the defense Budget (Full Video 11-15-12)

Coburn held a press conference Thursday to unveil his new report highlighting budget cuts for the Defense Department. His report outlines how the Department can save $67.9 billion over ten years on what he describes as “non-defense defense spending.”:

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Voters Get News From Internet: End of Liberal Monopoly?

Opportunity for conservatives. / 47% of voters say the internet was a main source of campaign news, up from 36% 

Here's the Pew Research Center article and graph:

This is an opportunity, as Steven Ertelt of says. So long as the internet remains a place for the free exchange of ideas, protected by the First Amendment, we'll be able to wield it. And there is no reason we shouldn't be able to wield it just as effectively as liberals do.

Well, there's one remaining obstacle: credibility.

While few people still own land lines or receive paper newspapers on their doorsteps, most still go to trusted names to get their news: C-SPAN, CNN, etc.

Average conservative blogs may not have as much a chance in this 'new frontier' as established big names do, but we can establish credibility among the rising generation who sees CNN as old media. That's the goal of sites like

You can get involved. Collaborative blogs, social media, and even vlogs (video blogs on YouTube) like Steven Crowder can make a big impact.

To gain credibility:

  • be witty, original, and creative (watch a few Steven Crowder videos for inspiration)
  • cite your sources
  • cite from a variety of sources (check out He puts a conservative spin on his headlines, but the actual sources are very balanced.)
  • no attacks, especially unfounded ones - fastest way to gain negative attention and lose credibility
Any other ideas on how we can get the upper hand in new media? Share in the comments below.

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Malinvestment; The Consequences

All of us are beginning to see the consequences of the election of Barack Hussein Obama on 6 November, with companies laying off workers and cutting back their hours in the anticipation of ObamaCare. Those who thought they had lifetime jobs at the US Post Office (USPS) are also feeling the sting of socialism as the economy crumbles around them. From a peak of 900,000 jobs in 1999, the employed there has come down to 607,400 employed in October, a loss of 32.5%. Gov't workers are no longer inoculated from job cuts as the service bleeds cash to the tune of 250 million dollars per day. Our first example in malinvestment of tax payer capital in a dying entity.

Here's a chart (courtesy of ZeroHedge) that shows you the drop in USPS employment all the way back to the mid 1960's levels!

As the economy crumbles slowly, the Obama base of union workers, teachers, and other civil servants will begin to be cut back from an ever spiralling feedback loop of lower individual and corporate profits, reduced tax revenues on sliding personal incomes, corporate profits, and reduced valuations of financial and real estate assets. Capital will begin to flee the US for foreign shores with a higher return on investment, lower tax rates, and yes, even a more stable government where businessmen can reasonably make long range plans.

The illusion of the elections is lifting, as the truth flows out on the US economy. This morning, the initial claims jobless numbers posted a multi-year 104,548 surge in weekly non-seasonally adjusted claims from 361,800 to 466,348, an increase of 29%. The seasonally adjusted number also soared from 361,000 to 439,000 on expectations of a 375,000 estimate, an increase of 21.6%.

Let's explore more examples of malinvestment in financial and human capital. Mark Spitznagel at Forbes has penned an analysis of the election fallout. Here are a few selected sections:

""President Barack Obama managed to overtake Republican challenger Mitt Romney on the exit poll question “Who is better for the economy?” and a strong majority of Obama voters felt that the economy is better off than four years ago. Indeed, anyone (particularly Bernanke) would concede that without the Fed’s zero interest rate policy we would be experiencing a far worse economy—the true Obama-Keynesian economy.

The danger here, as we have seen in every other bust for a century or more, is that we can only suspend the laws of economics for so long. And in general we are only good at considering immediate consequences, while being very, very bad at considering later consequences.
In the short run (and this is what is so insidious about the Fed’s artificially low interest rates), all we are seeing is an illusion of economic progress. Specifically, the Fed has manufactured a distortion intended to trap both consumers into spending more and entrepreneurs into investing more, or lengthening their production periods (becoming more “roundabout,” as the Austrian School economists said), as if savings were more plentiful. This combination would never occur in an unhampered, noninterventionist economy for the simple fact that higher consumption would mean higher interest rates (from less savings), which would discourage longer production.
Thus, investment in this illusory economy is malinvestment, or investment that always unravels with the intervention’s inevitable end, due to either untenable credit levels (such as today’s corporate debt-to-asset ratio, still at historic highs) or a resource crunch (rising commodity prices) that eliminates any advantage from printing money; and one or both of these scenarios is unavoidable.
This leads to another unfortunate kind of malinvestment, of a higher order, if you will: the malinvestment of an electorate in its political class and their policies. Just as entrepreneurs cannot differentiate between real economic information and monetary illusion, so too the electorate cannot differentiate between the effects of Obama’s fiscal policy (of his historic assumption of debt) and that of Bernanke’s loose monetary policy—and without the latter the former wouldn’t have even been feasible. Both Obama and Bernanke pursue a great economic evil to come, but Bernanke keeps them both cloaked as a great present good.
As the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises noted, laboratory experiments cannot be performed in an economy; “We are never in a position to observe the change in one element only, all other conditions of the event remaining unchanged."
This is our grievous position in the United States today, trapped in the status quo by first consequences, by what we can see, due to a cause that we cannot even see. And so we are left to learn from experience, an eventual tragic unfolding of our collective malinvestment. As Bastiat said, “Experience teaches effectually, but brutally.""
The Obama voters will richly reap the consequences for sowing the seeds of Socialism.

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In Case You Missed It (Why Romney Lost Edition)......

There has been no shortage of theories as to why Mitt Romney failed to defeat the worst president in our nation's history. I decided to compile a few for all of us to ponder. I don't agree with all of them. I'm interested in knowing which theories are readers subscribe to. There's something here for everyone!

Have at it....

Mitt Romney - As reported by the New York Times

....“With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift,” Mr. Romney said. “Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women. And then, finally, Obamacare also made a difference for them, because as you know, anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents’ plan, and that was a big gift to young people. They turned out in large numbers, a larger share in this election even than in 2008.” The president’s health care plan, he said, was also a useful tool in mobilizing black and Hispanic voters....

Bobby Jindal - As reported by Huffington Post

Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) rebuffed Mitt Romney's claim that President Obama won reelection because of "gifts" to minorities and young voters, calling the statement "wrong."....

...."Mitt Romney is an honorable man. He's a good honest man. He deserves our respect, and our gratitude," Jindal said. "The reality of it, the campaign was too much about biography. It wasn't enough about a vision of where they wanted to take our country, and how they would do it ... The reality is people are not being inspired by a biography."....

Michael Hirsch - National Journal

....But in the end, Obama secured a second historic election victory—in the face of staggering unemployment—largely because the alternative portrait that Romney presented to the country was far too incomplete. By failing to fill in critical details that would have fleshed out both his personality and his policies, the Republican challenger gave the American people a mere pencil sketch of a candidate. It wasn’t enough, and it was much too abstract. Too many voters couldn’t figure out which Romney would show up in the Oval Office. Would it be the Massachusetts-moderate redux they saw in the last six weeks of the campaign, or the right-wing ideologue from the Republican primaries who embraced a small-government zealot, Rep. Paul Ryan, as his running mate?....

Ramesh Ponnuru - National Review

....Romney was not a drag on the Republican party. The Republican party was a drag on him.....

Bill Bennett - CNN

....We must counter the discourse and speak and educate in terms of family, faith, freedom, principle, values, work, country, community, improvement, growth, and equality of opportunity. No longer can the Republican Party be solely the party of business. Who controls the terms of discussion, dialogue, and education controls the country and, therefore, the election....

Tucker Carlson - Daily Caller

....But it was a flawed candidacy from the start. Romney’s caution and ever-shifting policy positions made him seem fearful, which is to say weak. His biography hurt him. During a cycle when voters remained angry at Wall Street, Romney bore the weight of a finance background. And because of his own history in Massachusetts, he could never effectively go after President Obama on Obamacare, the president’s biggest political weakness.....

John Dickerson - Slate

....How did the Romney team get it so wrong? According to those involved, it was a mix of believing anecdotes about party enthusiasm and an underestimation of their opponents’ talents. The Romney campaign thought Obama’s base had lost its affection for its candidate. They believed Obama would win only if he won over independent voters. So Romney focused on independents and the economy, which was their key issue. The Republican ground game was focused on winning those voters. “We thought the only way to win was doing well with independents and we were kicking ass with independents,” says a top aide. One senior adviser bet me that if Obama won Ohio, he would donate $1,000 per point to my favorite charity. (That would be a $10,000 hit since Romney lost Ohio but won independents by 10 points). In the end, Romney won independents nationally by five points—and it didn’t matter one bit....

Kathleen Parker -

...The truth is, Romney was better than the GOP deserved. Party nitwits undermined him and the self-righteous tried to bring him down. The nitwits are well-enough known at this point – those farthest-right social conservatives who couldn’t find it in their hearts to keep their traps shut. No abortion for rape or incest? Sit down. Legitimate rape? Put on your clown suit and go play in the street....

Sean Trende - Real Clear Politics

....But most importantly, the 2012 elections actually weren’t about a demographic explosion with non-white voters. Instead, they were about a large group of white voters not showing up.... ....So who were these whites and why did they stay home? My first instinct was that they might be conservative evangelicals turned off by Romney’s Mormonism or moderate past. But the decline didn’t seem to be concentrated in Southern states with high evangelical populations....

Mark America (This is a fantastic piece by Mark America. Make sure to read the whole thing.)

....The most fatal flaw was the candidate. Whether by ineptitude, or by sabotage, his campaign missed too many opportunities to attract voters and score big when Obama fumbled. They let the media put them off their game with ludicrous notions. They permitted the Obama campaign to define Mitt, and he did not effectively counter. Most of all, however, Mitt Romney failed to capitalize on the natural constituencies of the conservative movement, perhaps in part because he was at least as unpalatable to them as they were to him. I said early on in the primary fight that Romney seemed to have been planning to ignore the Tea Party and evangelicals on the basis that they’d show up anyway. In many important ways, they didn’t, and this is what spelled defeat for Romney. That, and I don’t think he was supposed to win. More on that later.

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President Obama on Benghazi: Go After Me"...well OK!

The President had this to say at his first press conference since being re-elected:

You can watch the entire press conference HERE. (I would have posted it at RS, except for my gag reflex having such a low threshold.)

Here are highlights from the press conference with Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte referred to above by the President:

Well G-WIZ Mr. President, If Ambassador Rice had nothing to to with Benghazi AS YOU SAY and was only privy to the facts that were presented to her, then WHY THE HELL was she sent out to represent the White House on 5 Sunday talk shows to explain what happened there?

I don't've been incompetent for the past 4're still incompetent now...but hey, the majority of Americans don't give a rat's ass...because here you are again. I guess as long they get their fill at the public trough, you can do no wrong.

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Understanding the Fiscal Cliff?

I found this graphic in Wednesday's USA Today that I thought would make the concept of the "Fiscal Cliff" and it's ramifications, easy to understand for anyone who may find that difficult:

(Click the graphic below to enlarge for viewing)

HERE is the accompanying article.

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Ron Paul: Eventually We’ll Have to Face Up to the Reality That America Is Broke (Full Interview 11-14-12)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day of Action Austerity Strikes, Mob Mentality, and U.S.

Madrid, evening of 14 November 2012
Photograph: Sara Firth

Europe is on fire today as anti-austerity strikes turned violent and police responded by attacking their own citizens. The so-called 'Day of Action' has brought huge crowds of people who presumably aren't working, making the name something of a misnomer.

They're upset. It's understandable. Their socialist-leaning governments ran off with all their money, maxed out the tax-payer credit cards and left them to foot the bill with no benefits.

Where is the perfect utopia they were promised?

And now America is traveling the same path toward fiscal calamity.

This will be us soon. We aren't educating our citizens about why this is happening and why austerity measures have to be taken when the government abuses tax dollars, sending the whole country(ies) into debt.

On twitter a few days back was an outcry over Applebees, Papa John's, and other restaurants and businesses declaring the cuts they'd have to make to afford Obamacare's mandated regulations for businesses with 50 or more full-time employees. The tweeters accused the business owners of being selfish, vindictive (because "their guy didn't win"), and greedy.

But whatevs. They're just happy they still get to keep their foodstamps?

There's no realism in our discussion about this.

And that's what causes the mobs.

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Senior Hamas Figure Assassinated by Israeli Intelligence: This Means War

The BBC’s Wyre Davies called the killing of Jaabari “a massive escalation of the situation around Gaza”. 
The killing of Hamas’s military chief, Ahmed al-Jaabari, seems to be the beginning of a new round of hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza. 
Israel said the killing of Jaabari and a passenger in his car was not the end of this operation and more attacks on Gazan militants would follow. 
Hamas said the airstrike had “opened the gates of hell”. 
In a statement the Israeli military said: “The purpose of this operation was to severely impair the command and control chain of the Hamas leadership.” 
Military spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovitch said the attack was the "start of a broader operation”.

Gaza has been governed by Hamas since 2007, and conflict is certainly not new to this strip of land. What's new is the campaign by Israel to bring known terrorists to justice and unsettle the "command and control chain" of Hamas.

There are some understandably impassioned words being thrown around by Hamas. This is an escalation the world will be following carefully.

Alarmingly, a spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force has just tweeted that today's attack may lead to a "ground offensive". -The Guardian

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