Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Broken Promises: President Obama promised veteran's they'd get the care they need...many are still waiting

Four years ago, President Obama made a promise vowing to get veterans the help they need when it comes to medical assistance. However, under Obama, the number of vets waiting for such claims to be processed has doubled and processing errors have gone up.
The full story is HERE and the related video below:

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Anonymous said...

He hasn't even been sworn in yet for the second term but, the propaganda "I hate him" machines keeps on churning. Every blog and non biased newsfeed has something controversial and or negative. Keep screaming wolf and when something bad does happen it will land on a numb ear.

BOSMAN said...

He promised the veterans 4 years ago. GET IT?

Now he's promising them it AGAIN.

What do you call the first Promise...IF NOT BROKEN?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous, poor little obama. only bias'd newsfeeds pretend to love him. Poor guy. Every president is attacked and he's the worst. Get a grip, he hates America. I haven't seen anything but a numb ear from obama. What are you doing in a conservative chat? You don't have to listen, just stay out.