Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Gaza Israel's "Warm-Up" for War with Iran?

The crisis in Gaza is a direct confrontation between Israel and Hamas’ Palestinian leadership, with a few other players—Egypt, Turkey and the U.S.—hovering around the edges, trying to arrange a cease-fire. 
But looming over the proceedings is another significant power: Iran 
The Iranian factor rears its head in multiple ways. Iran, most analysts believe, provided the longer-range rockets that have set this round of hostilities apart from others. Those rockets—likely versions of Iran’s Fajr-5—have given Hamas, for the first time, the ability to reach at least the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. That has raised the stakes, to say nothing of the tensions inside Israel.
The full story is HERE and a related video below:

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1 comment:

Katrina L. Lantz said...

And a ship was intercepted by S. Korea coming from N. Korea and carrying Chinese-made rocket parts. It's destination? Syria. Their alliance is strong and organized. Is ours?

This conflict has already spilled into the U.S. in attacks on our foreign buildings and bomb threats at multiple American universities here at home.

I'm scared. We all should be.

Thanks, Bos.