Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New GOP SuperPAC is being setup to Support Immigration Reform....Hispandering perhaps?

FIRST OFF..Carlos Guitierrez is behind this PAC. The man who was in charge of Romney's outreach to Hispanics. Boy what a shitty job he did.

So I'll hold my judgment on this until I see what they'll try to achieve. According to Guitierrez:
The super PAC will aim to "provide some intellectual cover to Republicans so that they can move forwards without being politically hindered" in pursuing immigration reform and amnesty. 
"If we are to remain the party of entrepreneurs and economic freedom and American prosperity, we have to also be the party of immigration," Gutierrez said.
Some of Guitierrez statements since Romney's loss make we wonder if this will be just a Republican version of HisPANDERING?

He's already come out against English as our official language. So as far as I'm concerned, he starting off on the wrong foot.

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1 comment:

Bob said...

Bob said...
You got that right.

Guitierrez is a piece of shit. They won't get any of my money.